South Africa vs Australia (July 21st, 2022), COVID cases, deaths, excess mortality, vaccination rate); why is epidemiology so different as to waves? Graphs: India, Austria, Germany, Japan, New Zealand

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Alexander shares updated graphs showing devastating impact of using a non-neutralizing vaccine & induced antibodies that drive selection pressure, immune imprinting/fixation, infectious variants

These graphs are telling; it tells us that the vaccinated nations with heavy vaccine, leads to increased infections, then cases, then hospitalizations, and deaths. The data is clear. And South Africa stands out as an African nation for it delayed vaccine, still has low vaccine rates for COVID, and has thus benefitted from natural exposure immunity and the training of the innate immune system by it’s children and young persons. It is clear that the innate immune system in South Africa in it’s population was key to clearing out omicron and sub-variants, plunging down to population-level herd immunity. Their 5th wave was quickly tamped down. Importantly, the downward slope in the 5th wave in South Africa was back to baseline. Other nations that are highly vaccinated do not show back to baseline, meaning, high infectious pressure remains.

We have been arguing (Geert Vanden Bossche, Mike Yeadon, myself etc.) that we could drive (with these sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccines) the emergence of not only an infectious variant, but a lethal one. That the current blocking of severe disease in the lower lung will soon be overcome.

Look at what is happening with New Zealand as to deaths. The problem is nations like Australia, New Zealand, China etc. with ZERO-COVID lockdown lunacy insanity including Canada, locked down too long and too hard and denied their populations proper levels of background natural immunity (so as to inch closer to population-level herd immunity) so when a highly infectious sub-variant like BA.5 omicron comes along, it can cope. They can’t cope as you see. They are simply defenseless and will have to lock back down, wrongfully. They still do not grasp that all that is needed is strong protections of the vulnerable, use vitamin D3, use early treatment, and allow the rest of society to live normal lives.

India, wrongfully, for it was doing so well with early and chemo-prophylaxis drug treatment, went and took the vaccine. Now look at their graph. They made a mistake. IMO.

Australia July 21st 2022:

See this graph on the number of people in hospital with COVID by day, New South Wales, Australia, January 1, 2022 to July 2022


South Africa July 21st 2022:





New Zealand:


List of selected African nations and vaccination rates: