South Africa's infections/cases to date and deaths; 97% immunity in the population, so why would it get this 5th wave OMICRON? Has low vaccine rate, so do they need vaccine? Why deaths so low?

by Paul Alexander

Let us debate, I have my ideas, very interesting but IMO, we know this is exactly how it will unfold, remember, OMI has approx. 15 mutations on spike and more now in new will ESCAPE!

Remember, vaccine confers protection to only the spike, one protein, one antigen…natural immunity looks at the entire surface of the virus and the internal N (nucleocapsid) protein. So natural immunity will always be broader and more potent etc. Durable and long lasting. It is the cellular immunity that counts more, not the spikes in antibodies due to vaccine. Are 15 and more mutations in RBD in spike protein capable (spike binding regions, receptor binding domain or N-terminus domain) of making it look so much different to the acquired antibodies in even natural innate and acquired-adaptive immunity? So that it can evade? Seems so. But the issue is recovery. Are their symptoms or mild symptoms? Is this really a breach of natural immunity or more of an ‘immune rechallenge’? Remember, Geert warns that this capacity in vaccinated persons would end soon (enhanced infection in URT by non-neutralizing Abs while blocking of severe illness in the LRT/deeper in the lungs by Abs). Vaccinated persons.

The SA data is intriguing.

Share your thoughts.

New Omicron variants are so infectious that South Africa had a 5th wave even though 97% had antibody protection