South Korea infections/cases as of today March 20th 2022; in spite of South Korea being among the highest vaccinated nations globally, boosted too, and 4th rounds (ludicrously); 400,000 per day

by Paul Alexander

Why? We have told these nations and these inept public health people 13 months now, that we must stop use of the non-sterilizing vaccine as will drive variants like OMI, BA.1, now BA.2

Use of a vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission will drive emergence of infectious variants and potentially a lethal one, can impact humanity disastrously. It is clear that the vaccine does not hit the OMI spike as the vaccinal Abs are based on the initial Wuhan legacy strain. The vaccine has failed and is also harmful. Must be stopped today! They who are doing this, know this. This is the plan. To continue use of a non-sterilizing vaccine that cannot ever 100% cut the chain of transmission, and so it will via natural selection, drive more and more variants and the pandemic will never end. Lockdowns and masks forever and this is why they will not lift the emergency powers as they have it there in place for the intent is to lockdown again. If lockdowns and mail in ballots helped in the last election, they have found the motherload…

This virus is the means to use a damaging bioweapon continuously on the population…and you will WANT them to…Fauci and Francis Collins did this to you…this will only stop when the people say enough! When the people stop taking the vaccines for this vaccine will drive variants…NIH and CDC and PHAC and Health Canada know this, and will drive variants continuously and it is not effective. So why would you even consider any more of this? It is causing deaths. Why would you consider your children getting these vaccines? It will destroy their innate immunity system that protects them beautifully all along and has as to COVID. Do not allow this as parents. You will be harming your child. There is no safety data and it does not work and children have near zero risk.

If we wish US et al. to look like South Korea continuously, we then keep using the vaccine as we have.