Speaker Pelosi, I detest her leftist politics & damage to US, don't care about husband's drunk driving 'privilege', dont' care about enriching herself insider trading claims; we reduce China to GLASS

by Paul Alexander

If China shoots down her plane or shoots at it, we draft Articles of WAR, and we be prepared to reduce China to cinders, glass! we need Vindman (traitor) now to leak Biden's call with Xi; ha ha ha

First, it’s the VACCINE, stupid!

Yes, I detest her politics and what she and the dems and repubs and RINOs and all have done to this great nation. I see the enrichment and damage to the US. But we must set that aside, set your disdain aside. Do not call for her to be harmed. Do not! Life and the Lord will deal with malfeasant and bad people, I always see this and often with our eyes open we see how life handles people who pain others. You must not hold bad intent on people, even if they hurt you, it poisons you and leaves you trapped in place, bitter. Do not even forgive if you cannot for I can’t often (I am not Jesus like), but you move on. You move with a kind heart, wish all well always in this hard life, and move on always trying to do the good the Lord (your God) placed you on this earth to do, whatever it is. Your God, your faith and we support all persons right to their faith. As long as it is peaceful and does not violate others or harm others.

Yes, provocation or whatever you call it from the US and often little people like me and you do not know the details but we are not that stupid, and yes, the US is up in deep shit with corruption over this like how it is in knee deep shit with Ukraine and the aid money we continuously give **cough cough kickback embezzled bag man money cough cough ** but, if a nation such as China kills the speaker, detestable as she may be politically, if she is harmed by their actions in any way, if the speaker, this speaker or any speaker, we then separate China from the landmass and have it floating out to sea smoldering in cinders! The current POTUS is not optimal health wise and Pelosi is closer to POTUS role more than ever at present and thus this is a threat to a potential POTUS by a nation. This cannot stand.

That was a serious threat by China and we be prepared to act if they follow through in any manner. Even if light handed. Even if shoot at the plane. This is a serious threat and we punish them with the full might of the US.

Nothing short of full apology from Xi is in order and a public promise to never make that mistake again. China must apologize for that threat.

Taiwan cancels leave of some soldiers ‘to immediately prepare for war’

And BTW, this traitor here below who is good at leaking a President’s classified meetings with world leaders, please go find this traitor Vindman or his brother, and get them to leak the phone call Biden had with Xi where Biden et al. said they laid down the law…ha ha ha, when I grow a third male tit I WILL believe that. I do not even think Biden was on that call.