Sri Lanka PM offers resignation after protesters storm president’s house; Soldiers and police were unable to hold back the crowd of chanting protesters demanding President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s resign

by Paul Alexander

Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is willing to resign to make way for all-party government, his office said in a statement on Saturday, after thousands of protesters stormed the president

This is very interesting indeed. These people got the stones needed.

We want always peaceful arrests, and all these politicians imprisoned. We want protests to be peaceful, civil, law abiding but the people hold the power.

Would you think the people are fed up with the corruption and lies from their governments, WORLDWIDE? I would say so. These kleptocrats, these thieves in government, these high crime bandits, forgot they work for the people…they play musical chairs each election and just re-arrange the thieves…and all they are about is stealing the people’s money…one set of money we need each dollar accounted for is the COVID money, trillions spent, we need each Prime Minister e.g. in Canada and UK and Australia etc., each POTUS in US, all, each Premier of every Province in Canada, any nation, each congressperson, each MP, each senator, each MPP, all, all in government, every policy maker in COVID, every single COVID advisor, anyone, who benefitted by some fraud contract, to the dollar, all on Task Forces, we need them to answer for every penny $ to see who got illegal corrupted stolen PPE COVID money, whose families and friends got contract…and we take every dollar back and imprison them! We need proper legal public inquiries and forensic accounting. No matter how long it takes.



Sri Lanka PM offers resignation after protesters storm president’s house