State of the Union & the trucker convoy; I have told the People's convoy if there is any violence etc. in DC on March 1st, the convoy must end (People's); if not, we are thinking of ending in Virginia

by Paul Alexander

Not the DC beltway on March 5th, but proper landing zone for truckers to gather themselves for return home; NO occupation, maybe 1 day, rest, freshen up, & I reached out to Malone, Kennedy, McCullough

So this depends on the truckers heading to DC Mall etc. for SOTU; this is serious, the whole of govn is there, DC will be locked down, and there must be no violence or occupation; if there is any violence, then the People’s will be smeared too and we cannot have this so we are talking with all convoys to ensure no violence etc. We need massive numbers to send the message but peaceful; this is about educating people about the science that the mandates must end as they are punishing and hurting economies and people’s ability to earn a living.

So I was asked to (with Leigh) and have reached out to top level scientists and the like to talk IF we move forward with the landing in Virginia, if we secure it, yes there is time but all contingent on what happens March 1…I too will be speaking.

I wish to thank The UNITY Project out of California, and TBOF (Take back our freedoms Canada), as well as website (I help the owner of this site with the science and articles etc. and post these).

This is just an update.