Stéphane Bancel: Can’t Make This Up – Moderna CEO Announces Development of New mRNA “Injection” to Repair Heart Muscle After a Heart Attack, wait for it, caused too by their mRNA COVID vaccine

by Paul Alexander

So Moderna created vaccine for a virus that is harming & killing people with myocarditis & cardiac arrest etc. & now offers you a FIX! kind of like the Cloward & Piven 1966 'OVERLOAD' welfare strategy

“The Cloward and Piven Strategy calls for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.




‘Moderna’s CEO also spoke about the experimental Covid jabs; reiterating, yet again, they will be here for years to come, with a booster every season – as it has always been the plan. Furthermore, Bancel claims he is “not worried” that people have not been as quick to take the boosters as they were with the original vaccines, and says he believes they will eventually “get comfortable with the fact that we’ve updated the vaccine.”

And – surprise, surprise – Bancel reminds you that taking the boosters will help you get back to a “normal life”…’

This week, the vaccine maker officially announced it has developed a ‘cure’ for the tyrannical medical-industrial complex’s latest manufactured health crisis. In the wake of all of the cardiac-related death and sickness caused by the first iterations of the experimental mRNA vaccine, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel revealed the company’s new treatment for heart attacks – another mRNA injection! This time, however, instead of going into your arm, it will be shot directly into the heart muscle… For maximum damage effect, of course.’