Stephanie Brail wrote a substack about GoldCare Health & Wellness (Dr. Simone Gold's entity); Simone I know & communicated with & discussed me heading her entity; I did not; the content here alarms me

by Paul Alexander

Is this true? As you know, I am asking Malone to be interviewed by me (as of this writing he has not responded & has essentially refused) to address serious mRNA technology questions; same here

Firstly, I am enjoying Brail’s scholarship and I ask you to subscribe to her and support her. She is doing serious work here…I love the stack on Alex.

I wish to interview Simone to clear things up. For if the content is wrong, then it is imperative in our good governance society that she be allowed to replenish her name. We cannot allow someone’s name to be tarnished in any manner unjustly. As an example, even in this movement, certain entities have the misguided belief that since I raise issue with folk they ‘like’ (it is so funny, like we are in the sandbox once again playing with firetrucks) that they can work to smear and ‘cancel’ me. I remind them, study me carefully.

Now to Malone vs Simone Gold. So that is where I am but if I am asking Malone to do the right thing and be interviewed properly by someone like me or Vanden Bossche or McCullough, someone who has no links to him (especially not in need of money or similar from him) and only seeks answers to fix things, then I have to say same of Simone. I have to be fair. And all I seek are answers to help us fix the wrongs of the fraud gene shot, one I may add I have always felt never worked, yet fear it is actually killing people.

Not because I know her (Simone) and have no bad to say of her as my dealings have been normal and unremarkable, that does not mean that I should put my head in the sand and avert my gaze. No.

Is what Brail describing a scam? I want Simone to explain and it is better left to the parties looking into it.

Serious wrong has been done in this COVID fraud pandemic from virus to lockdowns to mRNA-DNA gene injections, and some are hiding out within the very Freedom movement we struck up to save lives of the public. Benefitting. Hiding in plain site, almost as if they have the Freedom movement people in a ‘psychosis’ of sorts. A ‘mass formation’ of their doing. ;-) Incredible as what I just said. As if the Freedom movement folk, many, have developed a TDS of sorts but for certain members of the movement, Johnny come lately members who are like the Greeks, bearing gifts. Potential gifts. But remember what they said about the Greeks, “beware of Greeks baring gifts” of course with reference to the Trojan Horse disaster.

Over to Dr. Gold.

Brail is punishing here. I am very concerned and want Simone to clear this content up. Not because it is written makes it accurate yet the content by Brail is eye-opening, and troubling at the least. I never knew this mainly because I have been busy and not following.

Brail writes: ‘"GoldCare™" also flagrantly violates HIPAA regulations protecting patient privacy while advertising it as a positive thing. Alex Berenson, move over. Simone Gold is in the house.’

So for me, this is no game. What is written here is serious en face. In this COVID, the public IMO has been fleeced by grifters and grafters who have enriched themselves. Taken advantage of the public and their good hearts. I know them all and many courted me in some manner, pimped off of me, made money off of me and somehow I did not get any. I was trusting and an idiot for I did not understand this COVID fleecing of the pained public. I was junior, late to grasp that COVID for these grifters CANNOT end, for they will then not have the donor to fleece.

The public has not benefitted from all that donor money while they the grifter Freedom movement person (s), soak in hot tubs on donor money, they somehow reclass the donor money as theirs as if they ‘earned’ it. I know you were given it with your sob stories and hands outstretched, yet it is not your earned money. You have a duty to the giver and should be responsible to the giver and not be buying houses and living nice on the hog. Some of this must be illegal. And to get someone off your back, so that they do not question you, write substacks starting off “My friend, Dr. so and so…”…so COVID fraud has spawned a new way of making friends. Ha ha ha. You are my friend as long as you do not ever question me. And a cherry on top if I mention you as my friend. Today, I wrote a stack on Dr. Wolf and her apology to conservatives, who is an actual friend to my family and I refused to use the term ‘friend’.

So Ms. Stephanie Brail, a hat-tip. Good scholarship. I ask folk to support you and your stack and let us not judge Simone and allow her to explain and clear her name. But she has to explain based on what Ms. Stephanie Brail has written. For it does not look appropriate and it is looking bad.

Ms. Brail, thank you for the piece on Alex and it gives us pause. Very interesting. I am not finished reading it and again, I do not cast judgement unless the information is bullet proof and there is wrong. I was looking for your piece on Dr. Malone and his war with the Breggins, McCullough, Stew, Risch, me, Jane and a long list. Can you show me it for I have realized your investigations are full of minutia we do not think about and I imagine your scholarship will inform us. Thanks. I will look for it.

I write as an imperfect, hugely imperfect, broken at times, stumbling blockhead moron at times, prone to mistakes and very jaded, person. I have issues. I am a fool at times. I admit that. In writing. I am not special. I work hard daily to fix my imperfections and improve me for my family and friends and world I have the chance to live in. I simply wish to contribute my verse to this beautiful song of life. To add just a little bit, to help improve things a little. That is all. For my kids and those to come. That I could have a role in leaving this world I found a ‘little’ better.

And btw, write all you wish about me. I am a big boy. I can manage. I know who I am and I know who you are.

Good night.

AFLDS Scam? GoldCare Health & Wellness, LLC Was "Voluntarily Dissolved" on January 6, 2023
So when I covered the America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) crazy court case the other day, I honestly didn’t have a huge bias either way or even a mild opinion about who was right. I was genuinely confused. But since I posted that article, someone shared…
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‘So when I covered the America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) crazy court case the other day, I honestly didn’t have a huge bias either way or even a mild opinion about who was right. I was genuinely confused.

But since I posted that article, someone shared a link to some court documents in the comments. Assuming these court documents are genuine, I have to say I am even less impressed with everyone involved, and the whole thing is basically a Jerry Springer show on steroids.

If you have time, it’s somewhat enlightening and weirdly entertaining to read the court documents, because the judge is clearly frustrated and annoyed with both sides. The TLDR (too long didn’t read) is as follows:

The judge thinks that Dr. Simone Gold has been wrongly funneling money from the AFLDS charity to her for profit LLC, which may actually be illegal. Dr. Gold also apparently received some highly excessive compensation of $50,000 a month for leaving the board. Emphasis mine:

There was discussion about Gold staying on as a consultant. AFLDS wanted Gold to stay on and continue to be involved in fundraising and continue as the “face” of the company. In fact, the company paid her $50,000 per month. No Consulting Agreement, however, was ever finalized and signed.

The notion that a non-profit company could take donated funds and pay them to a principal of the company to invest in a for profit business is simply absurd. Gold is a very intelligent physician and lawyer. She had to know that such an arrangement was completely improper and likely illegal. In any event, there is simply no evidence that AFLDS agreed to pay her $1.5M. Such a payment was clearly not a condition to her resignation.

Meanwhile the board directors of AFLDS are also getting excess compensation, and the judge thinks they are basically clowns who don’t know what the hell they are doing.

Gilbert is apparently still being paid $20,000 per month from AFLDS. It is not at all clear why the company decided to pay Mack an additional $20,000 per year to be President. It is far from clear to the Court what Mack’s role in the company is. He does not appear to have any corporate managerial experience.

It is, of course, not the Court’s role to make managerial decisions for this company. Nonetheless, paying Mack and Gilbert a total of $40,000 per month appears to the Court to be greatly excessive.

Gilbert and Mack contend that they are in charge and control of the company. Yet, it has been on their watch that the company’s operations have spiraled into chaos.

As noted at the hearing, the Court seriously questions whether Gilbert and Mack have the skill sets to properly run this non-profit company. The Court is not convinced that Gold is causing irreparable injury to this company. In fact, Gold’s skill set appears to be critical to the survival of AFLDS.

The end result is that the judge thinks that the whole thing is a mess, and both sides need to figure out how to actually get the organization back on its feet. But the bottom line is, the board members have every right to fire Simone Gold.

My takeaway from this is that both sides are greedy as all get out. In my opinion, if you are running a not-for-profit charity, your executive expenses should be as minimal as possible. Top salaries for national nonprofit executives of established charities run around $500,000/year, which I still think is a bit much. The average salary for heads of nonprofits is $101,381 nationally.

So if Simone Gold is asking for $50,000/month as a retainer…well, you do the math ($600,000/year). That is simply far more than anyone should be getting from a nonprofit. Simultaneously, AFLDS board members should also not be getting $20,000/month apiece ($240,000/year) just for sitting on the board of a nonprofit, which apparently they don’t even control and hasn’t actually been doing much of anything these days in terms of actual medical freedom advocacy.

These numbers in and of themselves are outrageous and wrong, and should send AFLDS into the dustbin of history. If you are still donating to AFLDS, you are being used by people who are engaging in fiscal malfeasance, in my opinion.

Despite these egregious financial revelations, people are still defending Gold’s excessive retainer. The person commenting on my last article claimed that Gold was justified in requesting $50,000/month because “consultants have to pay their own expenses.” This is a BS argument when we’re talking this amount of money. The excuse is that Gold needs “bodyguards” or travels to speak. (By the way, maybe Gold is getting paid to speak as well? Did you consider that?)

1I’m sorry. First of all, if Gold really needs bodyguards, which I don’t believe, but just in case, then the agreement should have been for the organization to pay directly for those bodyguards, not pay Gold personally so she could hire her own staff. So I think this is a bogus argument.’

truncated here.