Steve Bannon: FBI raids 35 Trump allies as Biden admin steps up attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’; ‘Thirty-five members of MAGA, the Republican party, people close Trump, were rolled in on yesterday

by Paul Alexander

this is what happens the last days of a dying regime.'; I have always defended the law enforcement & FBI & find this shocking if true; law enforcement being used as political tools? Stop Biden, stop!

I am told to not be surprised, that I may be on that list.

Yes, they are losing.

Yes, this happened and very very troubling in the US. It seems now law and order is gone. The force of the government is being used on people for expressing any support or views on MAGA or the US. If you show support for the US even, you are muscled in on. People, you need to know, the US is circling the drain and we have to save her.