Steve Bannon found guilty for contempt of congress, for defying a congressional subpoena from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol; ok, if he faces jail time,

by Paul Alexander

then you have to jail former AG Eric Holder who was also found guilty of contempt of congress in Obama administration over the fast & furious gun running operation; my bad, he has 'liberal privilege'

Shit, Bannon needed some of that ‘white privilege’ now since he is white, but crap, Eric Holder enjoyed that white privilege…oh shit, no, my bad, he is black, its not white privilege Holder rolled with, it’s ‘liberal privilege’…oh yes, go ask Pauley P and Hunter how that rolls. Navarro certainly could have used some of that but alas, he is white and not a liberal so double strikes on him…ugh!

“Steve, call Hunter please…just as you know, he may be on the prowl, it’s Friday night and the strip is hot, so if don’t answer, call Pauley P. He knows how to play that privilege very well.”

SOURCE, Bannon:

Steve Bannon’s contempt conviction hailed by 1/6 committee

SOURCE, Holder:

Eric Holder, Contempt of Congress, and Fast and Furious: What You Need to Know

“Darrell Issa, a California Republican who heads the House Oversight and Government Committee, has been demanding further documents and threatening to try to hold the attorney general in contempt of Congress if he didn't turn them over (more on that later). So Wednesday morning, acting on Holder's request, Obama asserted executive privilege in response to a request from Holder. In a letter to Obama, Holder argues that the documents Issa is requesting aren't really related to Fast and Furious, since they post-date it, and that releasing them would compromise confidentiality within the executive branch. The letter came after negotiations late Tuesday -- in which Holder offered to release some documents in return for dropping the contempt proceedings -- failed. Issa, however, was unswayed by Obama's assertion and went forward with a vote in the Oversight Committee. The committee voted in favor of holding Holder in contempt by a 23-17 margin, along party lines.”