Steve Bannon (WarRoom), there is a reason I love Steve, he is honest, unbiased; he sees the move to destroy Dr. Peter Breggin & so he flips the malfeasants the bird! In your face! Banno: "You are one

by Paul Alexander

of the most renowned psychiatrists in the world; you are one of the most renowned in this nation; I saw Dr. Breggin is going to be one of the main speakers; your books still one of the best writings"

Bannon: “Breggin is one of the most important thought leaders in this movement”.

Bannon sees the game, the destructive game, the filth so he flipped them the bird as the adult running things. Huge love for that and more to come. Breggin has done more for America and the movement than these ‘little’ Johnny come latelys pimping on donor money, raping the poor pained American seeking answers. Breggin is a treasure, you, you know I am talking to you, you are irrelevant. You and your fake persona.

Hue love Steve. Balls of church bells.


“Why has the universities and scientists not stepped up to address the transgender disaster”? para