Stew again, this is someone with real American made testicles! Church bell gonads! Yes the media, the legacy media are criminals, they helped push out & created the COVID pandemic lie & fraud mRNA

by Paul Alexander

technology based gene injection lie...yes, jail them! filthy animals, criminals! some good ones no doubt but most are evil! Utmost contempt, I love Stew's description here!

This media miscreant says Stew is uninformed? Stew? He is likely the one closest to the truth. On all things COVID. This guy wants to save lives while these media filth work to kill people with their lies.

Does this beast know how many Americans hung themselves during the lockdowns and school closures?

Support Stew, not the money whore Freedom Fighter media who pimp for donations only and help create personas to get that. Stew is the man I will enter a foxhole with and fight with all day long.