Stew Peters again on the money & why he is attacked for he keeps it real! Pure blooded American seeking justice; he says take this person out back, so angering! This is someone's parent, grandparent

by Paul Alexander

Why would this nurse brutalize this helpless immobile nursing home resident? When is the Justice Department filing 'civil rights' charges? Why is the filming person not helping? This was amusing?

This is why I love Stew and we are friends! He has the stones most of you pink pussy hat men don’t. You dislike him for you envy him! I deal with this crap all the time too. And each time you attack Stew, I do 3 shows with him and tighten up more with him!

I will take Stew all day long before you pusillanimous pink pussy hat weaklings.

Please share, this is pure evil, this is a racist attack, this has venom and just hatred or something, I am lost for words. Yet put that aside, let us just talk humanity, as this could be your parent and I will tell you, this goes on all the time, near 100% in nursing homes and old aged homes and why we are scared to put our parents there. I hear stories all the time. I have friends and family who had this done to their parents. People need help and often do not put their parents there because of this. She dragged someone’s parent as if they were an animals, a piece of meat. Depravity even.

What is an elderly or their family to do? It’s a real shit show for you needed specialized care. Granny could not get it at home and people decided you need to get it in a place like that. But you put them there and this madness happens. What are you to do? Elderly are shit out of luck when you think of it.

I have written before with Tucker, that COVID dropped our moral clarity and sense of things. The lockdowns, the masks etc. have cut that connection between human beings and it will take decades to get this back. This is what our governments did to us with the COVID lockdown lunacy. You see it too playing out in the mass shootings by young people, teens in US. I argue what we did to society to already troubled teens during COVID, removing the ‘predictable rituals of life’, their moral compass and center, ripped and ransacked their worlds with the senseless perpetual lockdowns and masks and made them powerless. We created monsters now acting out. More to come.

To me, with this abusive action in this nursing home, I am stunned no one stepped in to help the elderly person and stop the nurse. This is maybe the real issue and what has to be investigated. Why did someone just film this and not intervene? Why did not one intervene, all the other nurses just walked by. Is this usual?

This ain’t a color thing. Though there are speaks of that here. This is a depraved human thing, an angry hateful human thing. This elderly person by this behavior by the nurse may have even died!

We must always have in our hearts forgiveness and gracious mercy and compassion. That ability to cut past the hurt and forgive. I know. This is a tall order here had it been my or your parent. I may well have found it but it would have been hard. I am glad my dad left this world and we did not have to put him in a home and I thank my sister for struggling. We did best we could and vowed from what we knew that our folks will NEVER step foot in these places.

I am sorry, the greatest nation on earth, USA, superb nations like Canada etc. are littered with this. This is not the first one I have featured.

This abuse has to stop and people who do this held to account with law enforcement, Phu*k the nursing home, this goes on and they do not care, it’s all about money to these nursing home bitch*s. This is a money making scheme. And they showed how filthy and deplorable they were by not safeguarding our parents during the pandemic. They did not care and DO NOT care. Never did! This is so angering and you would not know had it not been caught on tape. Why?

If you or your family or friends had parents or grand-parents who experienced similar, you suspected or clear evidence, tell me here in comments, I will write a separate substack with ONLY your stories, I will only put them there. Be explicit too. No restrictions.