Stew Peters Exclusive: Trump HHS Senior Pandemic Official Dr. Paul Elias Alexander: “I Was Brought To Washington by Congress & Senate Members To Help Dismantle & Re-organize The CDC for the Better”

by Paul Alexander

The secret request came from members on both sides, democrats & republicans which was very gratifying & showed me that there were people in government trying to fix the corrupted health agencies

My official position was ‘Senior COVID Pandemic Advisor to the Trump administration’. My unofficial position reported (quietly) to government officials (congress and senate) and tasked with a report for congress that would culminate in hearings that would initiate the re-organization (re-make) of CDC (other health agencies to follow), given it’s known near 2 decades of operating as a political government tool, dramatic errors, politicization, bias, and epidemiological failings.


Breaking Exclusive: Trump HHS Senior Official: “I Was Brought To Dismantle The CDC”