Stew Peters: Karen Kingston defends Stew on 'Died Suddenly' video & I give her huge praise and props; well done Karen! well done! you have more stones than many freedom fighters; this is not about

by Paul Alexander

finding fault in those who stepped up, this is about unifying against the corrupted alphabet public health agencies who perpetrated the greatest fraud on the US and world! Thanks Stew & Karen!

The Kingston Report
The Film 'Died Suddenly' Lacks Scientific Evidence that COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Mysterious Blood Clots, according to Forbes
Stew Peters’ documentary Died Suddenly premiered on Monday, November 21, 2022, and has reached over 10 million views in less than one week. Despite its success, the film has been met with less than rave reviews from the mainstream media and even some harsh critique from the alternative media and expert influencers…
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We all make errors in what we do, and I know it comes from a good place. Stew is a good American, lover of his nation and all that is good. Stop hitting the guy else he has no choice but to hit back. We need to sensitize the populace as to the lies and fraud. I applaud anyone doing this and he is. My role and I hope yours is not to go find fault in all people do, but to join the battle for the other side is using demon-like ruthless tactics to achieve its aim. The battle is for the hearts and minds. We have to unify.