Stop the bullshit politics like Texas shooting sick politics, stop rushing to camera to tell us about guns; stop lecturing us on monkeypox not being a MSM disease, you WHO idiot, MSM is key risk group

by Paul Alexander

Andy Seale, an adviser to the WHO (World Health Organization) Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs programs is schooling us on moral clarity? What? WHO? Stick to facts Andy, its an STI, MSM are at risk

First, I am against any move to disarm the US population. That will be a disaster for there is too much threat inside and outside that others brought in.

We have to understand why this is happening and I place it at the feet of Fauci, Francis Collins, and Birx, as well as Bourla and Bancel…these are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That visited this destruction on the minds and mental health of our people. It is not simply a gun issue. In Europe and elsewhere like Canada, bad people took trucks and vans and killed many etc. The issue is it takes a bad deranged evil person to commit the crime. The weapon of choice can be anything. As we know. Yes, this involved a gun but the question is why and how? What caused this? Did we do something with the lockdowns that has unleashed hell on us?

People’s hearts are broken. We need healing now. Texas needs solace and Americans are broken here. Phuck you and your special agenda. Step back and let us during this disaster, set aside your personal agenda and not make this about you. Consider the pain of the parents and those hurt. Stop the bitter partisan language and actions.

So please, allow parents to bury their dead, you leftist freaks, you misguided corrupted media, you gun control nutballs, allow them to grieve, allow the children to calm down and come to terms from what they saw, these surviving kids will have PTSD the rest of their lives, allow a few hours you leftist freak democrats and RINOs and American hating sickos, you media, you anti-2nd amendment freaks, allow us some time to begin thinking and healing, stop the hate and attacks, stop the gun control madness. Stop rushing to any podium to spew your gun garbage. Let us gather the facts. And yes a societal discussion is needed. This is not the time for politics, its horrible. We have to stay calm and have the adult debate to figure out what must be done to ensure it cannot happen again.

We must focus on ways to ensure no shooter can enter a school. We have to focus on the mental health of our young persons, their access to drugs and opioids, and we have to find ways to flag high-risk persons such as the Texas school shooter (Uvalde) and the Buffalo TOPS grocery shooter. Keeping schools closed was the wrong step during the pandemic because it failed to curb viral transmission or death, a complete failure. School closures were complete failures. Yet it allowed at-risk persons as well as abused children and young persons to slip through the cracks. Schools function as the flag for physical and sexual abuse in the home as an example. Schools work to flag and notice it and help. Often schools see something FORST. Closing schools allowed many children to be physically and sexually abused and not be captured, not noticed. We have to find ways to make the school very safe. Harden background checks, why can’t we do that? Enhance it. Why can’t we park a police car outside each school? Make that their launch zone for radio dispatch calls instead of in the precinct?

Let us breathe and console each other. Get the POTUS Biden to NOT speak from a teleprompter, it was catastrophic and embarrassing that they cannot even let him say 5 words of condolence with out a teleprompter. How troubling is that? Begin thinking of factors like the 2 years of lockdowns and masking etc. and isolation and what it may have done to people’s minds, our young people, all people. How it may well have deranged people. Think of that too as you spew your gun control garbage.

Now similarly, stop the bullshit games and words as to monkeypox. At this time, we know it is mainly in males, involves very close intimate contact with the content of the lesions/pustules, and spread by men who have sex with men (MSM) and you can try all you wish Andy, that’s the fact. No one says others cannot transmit the infection. Stop lecturing us and stop trying to moralize me or decide my morality and thinking.

Andy, relax yourself and you BS and start by reading the callout by CDC, rightly so I should add: CDC officials sound alarm for gay and bisexual men as monkeypox spreads in community

Now, I have written several stacks such as on this monkeypox especially on the best way forward such as:

To get our arms around monkeypox (if it has emerged as reported) and to address it successfully, we should seek to collect data from females in such similar same-sex relationships to establish if there is a risk differential by gender. Dr. Howard Tenenbaum (electronic communication) raises a very important point relevant to monkey pox characterization and could help with other such infection surveillance. He remarked para “One other extremely important measure would be to assess COVID vaccine status, especially the number of doses. If the entire gay community (or nearly whole) is vaccinated, then we will not learn much BUT if there is a dose response we will! And that would be between Moderna and Pfizer (dose response due to mRNA loads) and a dose response vis a vis the numbers of shots taken.”

So how should we optimally move forward at this time? 

i)Importantly, there must be no stigmatization or demeaning based on sexual preference, we focus on the pathogen; stigmatization damaged the proper response to HIV as an example, even by the medical and research community as the focus was not on the pathogen; the lesson has been learnt

ii)Implementation of acute contact tracing

iii)Update diagnostic capability for orthopoxviruses

iv)In preparation, assess relevant Personal Protective Equipment for relevant health professionals and secure as needed

v)PSA (message) MSM and persons in bisexual relationships on what signs and signals/symptoms to look for in their sexual partners.

This last suggestion (v) will go a long way to reduce exposure and transmission. This virus is not easily spread human-to-human as it demands very close physical contact, and as such, govern yourself accordingly. The vast majority of the population including children, are at very low risk. As more is learnt, we will update the intelligence and respond accordingly. Based on medical knowledge to date, the risk is exceedingly low for the general population and unless dramatically different evidence emerges, the media et al. needs to stop the fear mongering panic porn. We know the at-risk group, we have a reasonably clear understanding on how it is transmitted, and we know how to mitigate spread with appropriate PSA messaging and reach out, acute contact tracing, and isolation of infected etc. The vast majority of the population will largely be just very fine. The media et al. needs to stop the fear mongering panic porn.


Perhaps eugyppius has hit it out of the park with this stack and I wanted to share access below:

Start here:

Some random “WHO adviser” and the Canadian Global News want you to know that Monkeypox could spread through sexual contact, but it’s not an STI:

While the world is seeing some cases among that group, anyone can get monkeypox through close contact with an infected person, said Andy Seale, an adviser to the World Health Organization’s Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs programs.

“It seems clear that this is linked to close contact. This could be through social contact, possibly through sexual contact, which of course is close contact (but) we’re still in the early days of this outbreak so there’s a lot we’re still learning,” said Seale during a virtual question-and-answer event.

“While we’re seeing some cases among men who have sex with men, this is not a gay disease as some people on social media have attempted to label it. Anybody can contract monkeypox through close contact.”

The world also needs to know monkeypox is not a sexually-transmitted infection, Seale added.

“You can get a cough or cold through sexual contact, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sexually-transmitted disease. Typically, you need an exchange of vaginal fluids or semen that has an element of contagion to it to transmit the disease,” he said.

“The difference is that a sexually-transmitted infection is caused by sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, or oral sex.”

This is such stupid sophistry, I feel dumb even replying.

The STD canon has never been limited to pathogens transmitted exclusively through venereal fluids. Molluscum contagiosum spreads via close skin contact; human papillomavirus via mucous membranes, just like monkeypox. STDs are just infections that spread primarily via sexual contact. Like … monkeypox right now.

But, I mean, stigma is bad tho:

As cases began to be identified in men who have sex with men, health officials urged the public not to rush to conclusions as monkeypox is not exclusive to one certain group.

“The community of men who have sex with men has been historically incredibly stigmatized with relation to virus infection, so I want to be very careful to say that that link has not been finalized yet,” Angela Rasmussen, a virologist with the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan, told Global News on Thursday.

The reason this is so infuriating, is these are the very same irredeemable assholes who spent two years condemning small children to months of social isolation, demanding seasonal nationwide house-arrest, making everyone wear diapers on their faces, restricting most aspects of public life, and forcing unwanted medical interventions upon millions, all because SARS-2 is super dangerous and we need to reduce the spread. Now that monkeypox has found a new transmission vector in gay male sexual practices, the real problem is historical stigmatisation.

Young people who attend parties during the Corona era: Murderers guilty of massacring old people.

Gay men who transmit monkeypox via anal sex: A deeply complex moral problem that calls us all not only to introspection, but also to an awareness of our individual, ongoing complicity in the marginalisation of gay men and other minoritised communities and peoples.

Even if monkeypox spreads to every last sex-with-other-males-having-male on the planet, at no point will anybody, anywhere, ever turn to their beloved and super-effective non-pharmaceutical interventions. There will be no fifteen-day anal sex hiatus to crush the curve. That’s not how this works.


Huge props for this nice work. Bang on!