Sub-variant COVID clade XBB.1.16 (aka Arcturus), the newest infectious clade shows no indications of severity, lethality etc.; so will the CDC, WHO & media stop the hyping and take a chill pill

by Paul Alexander

To date, no change in severity etc. Reports are that in kids (or adults I have also heard of) there is additional conjunctivitis (itch, sticky eyes, redness) along with the routine COVID symptoms

There is no need for lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates…nothing.

Fear porn. Reports are that there is increased XBB.1.16 activity in India.

We know more and more infectious variants would emerge given the continual use of non-neutralizing COVID mRNA gene injections etc. while there is circulating pathogen; the result will be natural selective pressure on the antigen that would select for more infectious variants. Yes, there is a risk of a lethal one emerging…this is not one. Based on all reporting. Based on all we know. Children, healthy children continue to have a statistical zero risk of severe outcome or death from COVID or its variants. Nothing has changed.