Success finally, the Chinese blimp is blown up & Obama & Biden (& Rice) gave China CCP the time to map the nuclear silos and military secrets, 2 days & Darth 'Lloyd Austin' Vadar found his stones

by Paul Alexander

A trifector in your face & more of this happens but to be clear, Obama gave Iran military drone to attack USA & Israel, then naval gunboats, now Biden give China 'time' to map & pay for play secrets

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Obama-Biden gave Iran an Air Force drone to then attack Israel & US then Obama-Biden gave Iran 2 naval gunboats to give Iran technology, I said GAVE it, yes, GAVE it to then attack Israel & US & now
Oh so you thought the drone landed on it’s wheels normally in Iran just like that? Back then. And the two high tech naval gun boats would run aground? Together? Silly you! Guess you never thought a US POTUS would give another nation, one packed with terrorist regimes, US military technology. Think again, Obama and Biden did and they allowed the Chinese …
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After the damage is done Lloyd? 2-3 day to find your stones? Your actions leave nothing left for the imagination. I cannot even use the words inept or stupid.

Feckless weak inconsequential Biden leadership has emboldened bad actors globally. Against the US.

Did the spy balloon or similar breach US airspace during Trump? Or prior? Did it breach earlier in Biden administration? If so, fire many at the Pentagon, these are buffoons, a game is being played to damage the US and hollow it out by both administrations. Was this devised to hurt Trump and give Biden admin with his aviator sun glasses a ‘win’? He gets to shoot it down. Was this devised to take heat off of him in the selling of US secrets re Hunter and the classified documents? Ugh, these people are all so filthy in the game they play.

Update at 9.49 am, turns out:

So this is really a game but all involved, loser being US.

Do not forget the pay for play selling secrets by someone, we need to know who, but those classified documents Hunter had access to, someone was running a pay to play, someone, so you pay and come see, come read, come photograph, can’t take them but come, and pay me well, maybe ask Hilary too if she ran same pay for play; boy these democrats know how to sell secrets and weaken the US, they are real good at it, but who knows, maybe republicans, some RINOs do same, to make money. This thing called money, boy oh boy, reared its head in COVID, all that good US COVID relief money in the bank accounts of may high level connected people and doctors (not just ordinary folk), no no no, check which congress people made COVID relief money, crooked money, direct or indirect. Check MPs and ministers in Canada, check, and US and UK. Check.