'Sudden cardiac death risk in contact sports increased by myocarditis: a case series' & a re-post; this paper holds important information regarding Buffalo's Damar Hamlin's catastrophic cardiac arrest

by Paul Alexander

If one has 'SILENT' myocarditis (unknown) & plays contact sports, then sudden cardiac arrest & death is very likely; it is imperative we know if DAMAR had myocarditis undiagnosed & if due to COVID jab

The 2 cases in this case series are very instructive and it is my hope that the medical community reads this paper. Please share this paper with your local doctors. This paper is critical, not only for the DAMAR case, but all such cases where there is underlying myocarditis and risk due to contact activities.

This paper was shared by Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Washington, Foxhall cardiologist, as he sought to educate us so that the best decisions are made. See my prior substack, this is a critical paper that the NFL and all players must read. I am hoping that medical doctors would read this paper and inform their decision-making. The research and science is out there. If they would care to inform themselves. Do they want to inform themselves?

First, I say again, no player should take the field until the NFL and similar sport franchises (especially for high-impact sports) put in immediate policies on screening for cardiac issues, especially myocarditis. Dr. Oskoui as is Dr. Verma, are strong on the need for screening to protect players (by the league and players themselves given the questions as to the role of the COVID gene injection). Dr. Milhoan recommends that such screening must include Cardiac MRI with Gadolinium (contrast).

‘The second patient is a 22-year-old professional rugby player with no known notable history. During a match, a direct blow to the chest wall was followed by a cardiac arrest. A ventricular fibrillation was cardioverted to pulseless electrical activity. Patient died despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation. An autopsy identified a myocardial sequela of fibrosis with no acute inflammatory re-modelling compatible with a previous myocarditis.’

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Massoullié et al.: "Sudden cardiac death risk in contact sports increased by myocarditis: a case series"; does this case series tell us that Bills Hamlin's cardiac arrest on the field was myocarditis?
SOURCE: https://academic.oup.com/ehjcr/article/5/3/ytab054/6154461?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email Every single NFL player (or athlete in America) must be screened for myocarditis (post COVID gene injection); they must demand it! Do not take the field for you could be DAMAR! Do not let them lie to you and confuse you with commotio cordis…
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