Suicide surge due to devastaing harms from mRNA technology basis COVID gene vaccines e.g. Pfizer & Moderna? Yes,100%, we are seeing a disturbing escalation in catastrophic stories killing themselves

by Paul Alexander

Very sad, tragic, gut wrenching e.g. Trinidad & Tobago young woman kills herself after adverse effects from Pfizer shot; Italian swimmer personal trained kills himself; Hang them high!; more to come

Stand by as I develop this story!

What we lost was lives, freedoms, liberties across over 3 years. Governments maximally abusing us with power they took fraudulently. For a fake fraud ‘IFR’ (infection fatality rate) of 0.05% so called ‘pandemic’. 0-19 years, IFR 0.0003%, near zero. We cannot find one healthy child in the US, Sweden, Germany etc. that was exposed to COVID and died from COVID. Not one. Across 3 years of COVID.

What was their aim? The dark malevolent ‘unseen’ hand? I like you, we are trying to bulletproof the reasoning and objectives but one thing is for sure, they mocked the world up good, they destroyed the fabric of society, the social ‘norms’, the social mores or social morays if you will, the ‘predictable rituals of living, the lockdowns and masks severed the human-to-human connection and destroyed hundreds if not thousands of years of civilization, of civil discourse and harmony. Those who did this, for whatever reasons we learn of fully in the end, it has damaged us badly, children, middle aged, adult, elderly. Socially, emotionally, psychologically, maturationally.

Read what I had written for Brownstone on ‘School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link’.

My view and I stand by this 100%.

Had we done NOTHING, zero, nothing but isolate sick symptomatic people ONLY, protecting the vulnerable, yet allowing the vast rest of society to function open and freely and normally with reasonable precautions, no mass testing or isolation of asymptomic well people, based on this low lethality pathogen, based on all we knew 2 weeks out of the gate (by end of March 2020), no closed borders, no border isolations, NONE, with harmless and natural exposure and infection and recovery with broad largely protective natural immunity (acquired adaptive after our potent innate immune systems cleared out most of the pathogen), then we would have lost far fewer.

Had we done zero, not done anything, far fewer would have died. In effect, it was the COVID response that killed most people, not the virus. The COVID lockdown lunatic policies that has killed most, the delayed treatment for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, metabloic disease disorder etc. as all hospitals beds were closed to the false positive COVID persons. It is and was the fraud deadly Kariko, Weissman, Malone technology based gene vaccine injection with the modifications and complex with the LNPs, that has killed many who took the mRNA shots. Not knowing these people knew the harms of mRNA technology in exosomes and LNPs (cationic lipids, PEG etc.) (extra-cellular vehicles etc.) and the mechanics, yet were silent. Their words early on could have saved thousands of lives. Why were they silent then? Yet I want them scientist to scientist to clear the air, come explain what they did in inventing this ‘death’ and why they have they done nothing to mitigate the effects at the level of the mRNA technology etc.

Nothing worked, not one COVID lockdown lunatic policy, school closure, business closure, mask mandate, shielding, nothing. All was a lie and based on no real credible trustworthy data. Greed, power, malevolence. We must find them who did this, and punish them at the polls and in court rooms! We punish them harshly. We in effect shifted the burdern of morbidity and mortality from the richer affluent cafe latte, laptop class to those least able to afford to shield, such as women and children, minority children and women, fringed & already marginalized. We killed most people with the medical management composed of fraud over-cycled, PCR false positive test (24 cycle count was the maximum to denote infectivity and lethality yet we cycled at 40 and 45 and once 28 cycles this was really non-infectious, non-lethal pathogen), sedation with midazolam and dia-morphine, toxic drugs, multi poly drugs, dehydration, isolation, malnourichment, Remdesivir (kidney and liver toxic), DNR orders (illicit, no permission), no antibiotics, intubation and the deadly ventilator. We killed our parents and loved ones. We must find them and punish who did this! No matter who is connected to who and who knows who and how much money they have. We need Nuremberg 2.0 where actual medical doctors swung from the gallows for their beastly crimes on innocent people.

How could the vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna and all, and health care officials from CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, ministry Health Trinidad & Tobago, SAGE, Australia, France, Japan, Caribbean e.g. Bermuda, Barbados etc. etc. and medical doctors and governments who are supposed to protect us, protect pregnant women and child, have gone along with this very unsafe, untested vaccine? They IMO, are and were and still are criminals and I want them investigated and many penalized financially and imprisoned and I want to place the death penalty on the table if legal judges and court rooms say it is warranted for the needless COVID lockdown lunatic policies and deadly vaccine.

If judges say the death penalty is in order, I say ‘HANG them HIGH’. No amnesty, death for death.