Suicides among US veterans (near 20/day), one of the greatest crises of our time; 2019 saw 6,261 vet suicide deaths; they suffer in silence & we have failed to give the right mental health treatment

by Paul Alexander

These graphs are staggering for it shows the suicides are elevated & stably so; why would we be sending Ukraine $40 billion & more when we have such loss in our people? Tim Chambers, 'Saluting Marine'

This is a real crisis we are experiencing, among people who sacrificed for us and laid down their lives. In the past and today. There must be accountability to the veteran for the failures to them.





‘It is estimated that 37,085 Veterans were homeless and 14,345 were living on the street or unsheltered on any given night in 2019.’

Important source:

Veteran suicide data


Tim Chambers:

Tim Chambers