Sun-Tzu, Vladimir Putin, Ukraine and the nuclear threat; do not forget THE GOLDEN BRIDGE; Can the United States and NATO help build a way for Russia to end this horrific and murderous invasion before

by Paul Alexander is too late? Also, I would shift to Defcon 3 at this be safe...I know the neocons & neolibs want war *cough cough Lindsey cough cough*, these war mongers wont stop; must shed blood

Always, these war mongers want to shed your blood, not theirs, not their children’s blood, but yours and often the blood of your children and poor people…I say not for this. No interest. Case has not been made, IMO.

But we are being tested and may even be rattled and I am very concerned with who is minding the store, and now this from the nutballs in the world, the also ‘despots’ are saber rattling to test us…

1) Iran claims missile barrage near US consulate in Iraq

That was to rattle us. No coincidence.


They don’t even have a Quisling yet,” says Professor Stephen Kotkin in this recent interview in The New Yorker.  Someone to take over in place of Zelensky.  A marionette to headline the post-war puppet show.   The Russia scholar, a renowned expert on Stalin, is right.  “All it takes is a handful of assassinations to unsettle the whole occupation,” meaning against the occupiers.  He’s right on that, too.  As he points out, if Russian forces advancing from the south and east manage to link up, “they will encircle and cut off the main forces of the Ukrainian Army.” And Putin is likely more than willing to “decimate” Kyiv the same way he decimated Grozny and Aleppo.  That’s the only way he stands a chance of significantly pacifying Ukraine. 

There’s still time, however, to give him the diplomatic breathing space he needs to pull back his forces (at least to the Donbas, if not out of the country), build him a “golden bridge,” as Sun-Tzu advises in The Art of War: a path of retreat, one that assuages the security concerns of all parties—Russia, Ukraine, and NATO, no matter what third party brokers an arrangement.  If the Kremlin can’t take Ukraine, it’s doubtful they could take the Baltics, let alone Romania or Poland.  Expansionism past Ukraine is not on the menu.  But make no mistake: Russia is a nuclear-armed power; and in all our dealings with its leader, all our actions, we must assume that he is willing to use those weapons, “because,” as Kotkin tells us, “he has the capability; he can push the button.”

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