Syrian islamic refugee stabs four in France: I told you before here that COVID is done and the WOLF is agitating & emerging; he never left, he was locked down like you but the beast islamist is

by Paul Alexander

coming out to play, courtesy of Obama & Biden flooding America with the beast; so arm your daughters for he is out for her, blond ones, he is an evil beast, teach her to shoot to kill the islamist

If life is in imminent danger, then defend yourself, teach your daughters to have no mercy on the would be rapist or abuser, if she thinks her life is in danger, then kill them! Defend your life. Learn to shoot, learn to store your weapons, ensure it is legal and learn to shoot with maximum malice.

Summer is coming in 2023, the wolf was let into America, so prepare for him. Teach him about our 2nd amendment and what an American is. Show him that we are not the pusillanimous Nordic males allowing their girls to be raped to death e.g. Sweden et al.