Talking points I have assembled across the last year that I share for you to drive your family and friends nuts, crazy, over Christmas dinner!!! Drop a couple of these on them and see how they react

by Paul Alexander

I mean, those who by now have gotten 7 jabs....wear 11 masks, and sitting next to you in a hazmat...those who have refused for 2 years to stop and think rationally and logically on anything COVID

·        Omicron variant as of December 22nd 2021 is at 1% while Delta is 99% dominant; media and CDC, NIH, and public health officials are misleading the public with hysteria, driving fear and panic with the aim of pushing you to vaccinate and to vaccinate your child; based on existing data, it is very infectious, but extremely mild, much milder than Delta and non-lethal, no definitive deaths from Omicron as of yet

·        The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the depths of utter mismanagement, sheer incompetence, voracious greed, and utter nonsensical stupidity that pervades the American medical establishment

·        It was a lie that the virus was new (no, our bodies recognized this virus fully), a lie that it is/was more deadly than the flu, a lie that lockdowns work and worked, a lie that masks would work, a lie that asymptomatic spread is a driver, that the PCR test can diagnose COVID, a lie it is spread in the air (none of this has ever been shown for this form of transmission), the idea that there is no treatment has been a lie (the failure to treat the inflammatory stage of this disease has killed hundreds of thousands/millions), the idea that the vaccines are to be given to all the globe has no medical basis and in particular for children, and it is a lie that vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity, and the idea that the virus emerged as a zoonosis is a lie based on the unconflicted science; it is near certain this emerged from a laboratory and the issue is was it intentional or not, and who was involved; so the issue really is ‘why’, why has the world been deceived so catastrophically?

·        The current surge in COVID deaths (August/September 2021) is caused by the vaccinated, not the un-vaccinated; the COVID vaccines are extremely leaky and may well accelerate contracting and carrying COVID; there is increased infection, hospitalization, and death (Israel/UK)

·        A leaky vaccine is one that lacks sterilizing immunity (lack of neutralizing antibodies); it prevents severe infection and perhaps death, but it does not stop infection and colonization by virus, as well as transmission; the vaccinated in effect carries the virus but remain unaware of it. this is the worst nightmare for a virologist

·        This drives pressure from an evolutionary standpoint and these pressures guide and shape evolution

·        Useful traits are conserved/retained, and the traits that work against replication and propagation are selected against; this creates a simple evolutionary gradient for viruses which is to become more contagious/infectious, transmit further, infect more hosts

·        The good news is that harming the host is maladaptive as it confers no survival advantage

·        Thus, the selection process drives viruses AWAY from being lethal/pathogenic and towards being non-lethal

·        The efficacy of the vaccines declines (wanes) dramatically across time, maybe 4 to 5 months immunity; some estimates are in as little as 3 months

·        The vaccines do yield elevated antibody levels (tiers) in the initial months and then decline rapidly; there thus is some initial protection from mild symptoms

·        Your immunity is severely depressed during the first 14 days or so post first and second dose; the elevated infections, hospitalizations and deaths demonstrate this flat depressed immunity due to the vaccines; you are vulnerable to COVID infection and infection from other pathogen then

·        All global vaccine campaigns resulted in surges in infections, to be followed by hospitalizations, and deaths; any location with a rapid aggressive vaccine roll out has had dramatic escalations in infection, after vaccination

·        Persons vaccinated have greater viral loads in nostrils, nasopharyngeal passages, oral cavity etc. relative to viral loads of 2020

·        COVID illness is presenting more severe illness to vaccinated persons who are infected with Delta than COVID illness alone

·        No governments must ever be allowed ‘emergency powers’ alike how they were for this pandemic; this was not an emergency

·        Initial false narrative painted by governments, their COVID Task Force advisors, and television medical experts that all of population was at equal risk of severe outcomes and/or death if infected; forced to stick to the narrative but this remains the rate limiting step that has damaged responding and keeps populations scared and panicked

·        COVID-19 is not an illness of infants, young children, children, teens, young persons etc.  

·        COVID-19 did not kill all age-groups equally and remains focused on elderly persons with medical conditions; younger persons with medical conditions, and obese persons, as well as diabetics

·        Life expectancy is about 79-80 years and average age of death (or median) from COVID is 82 to 83 years; so, it kills persons beyond their life expectancy

·        The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%

·        In December 2020, 35% of Americans believed that half of the people with COVID-19 required hospitalization. The correct figure was 1%-5%.

·        In December 2020, Americans estimated that the share of COVID-19 deaths for people between 18 and 24 was 8%. It was actually 0.1%.

·        95% of COVID deaths in spring 2020 were in persons who were denied ICU treatment; were felt too sick to benefit from ICU treatment

·        The influential Imperial College model, which threatened that without lockdowns there would be 40 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide. The model assumed an infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0.9%, but the actual IFR of COVID-19 is 0.15% and the median IFR for people under 70 is 0.05%.

·        As a result of mistaken prognostications like this, the media compared COVID-19 to the 1918 influenza pandemic, for which the average age of death was 28. For COVID-19 the average age of death is 73, and about half of all deaths are in people 80 or older.

·        While the CDC projected a one-year decrease in life expectancy for the U.S. population, the overall decrease in life expectancy was only five days, and the U.S.’s excess mortality in 2017 was greater than its excess mortality in 2020; there has been no unusual ‘excess mortality’

·        We knew very early on that COVID-19 was very amenable to risk-stratification, age being the strongest determinant of mortality

·        Your outcome depends on your baseline risk; baseline risks were strong determinants for mortality, even more than age

·        Obesity emerged as a major risk ‘super-loaded’ factor for mortality with age; we knew quickly those <50, no risks, would be very fine

·        Ignore the CDC, as of this writing June 2021, more than one-half Americans (more than 150 million) already immune naturally (natural exposure)

·        We knew early on that those persons under the age of 50, 55 or so, with no underlying illness, would do very well if infected

·        COVID is endemic, it now circulates within the global population

·        Initially, 60-80% and greater of persons had T-cells (immunity) reactive to SARS-CoV-2 virus; populations were immune to COVID virus

·        We have strong evidence that survivors of the 1918 flu pandemic retained immunity; near 100 years, a lifetime

·        Health services/hospitals did not collapse

·        COVID is a threat because it is an invisible threat and it is not easily clinically diagnosed due to overlap with other respiratory illnesses

·        RT-PCR amplification test has been very flawed as elevated false positives; tiny amount of virus can be detected with PCR (non-COVID)

·        Felt asymptomatics were incubating the disease and could spread so this drove the lockdowns; but evidence of asymptomatic spread is very weak; 3 ways to have a + test and be asymptomatic i) you are incubating it really so infected ii) a false positive test iii) are actually immune but the test detects virus

·        Different age groups are not affected similarly by the virus

·        A positive infection test result is not a ‘case’; positives tests of persons ‘immune’ to the disease, are classed as having the disease

·        We do have a limited life span and will die of something; excess deaths, quite a huge amount of these deaths are due to the effects of lockdowns

·        Three issues to consider: i) cannot understand numbers being quoted without context e.g. 5 died today of the 2000 who die each day of all conditions ii) what is cause and what is effect and we see declines were occurring before lockdowns were occurring iii) cost-benefit analyses were never done before lockdowns were introduced and when you look at the numbers, the lockdowns did not work and the costs they had in terms of effects outweighed the benefits

·        All lockdown or shielding models were incorrect in terms of projections; all

·        All efforts were used by the governments to make the virus look worse than it was e.g. lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates etc.

·        A ‘case’ is someone who is ill, sick, it is not a positive test

·        Delta variant (July 2021) is infectious, but non-lethal (British and Israel data bear this out)

·        251 times more viral load in nostril (nasopharyngeal passage) in vaccinated (Delta variant infection) than unvaccinated (earlier Alpha 2020); 13 times more at risk of infection to Delta in double vaccinated than COVID-19 recovered (natural immunity)

·        Precautionary principle is used to manage COVID; do not wait for the evidence but it is dangerous, for it encourages governments to take actions without understanding the costs of the actions and the evidence may even show there was no harms

·        Moved frail elderly persons out of hospitals into nursing homes and caused many deaths; the very people they sought to protect

·        Heart attacks, cancer care etc. all have sky-rocketed due to persons not accessing care and hospitals not provided care, screening

·        Children have been asked to live their lives abnormally for a disease that does not seriously affect them; interactions curtailed

·        All control measures did not work; i) 6 feet used for social distance as it was felt to give the time for the droplets to fall to the earth but it was made-up; no real-world distance shows social distancing works and one would need at least 15 feet of distance based on the evidence

·        Masks also are ineffective, do not work (blue surgical and cloth masks); no real-world evidence that lockdowns prevent viral spread

·        The quality of the COVID scientific data declined, in the name of speed, peer-review was suspended so quality was sacrificed

·        WHO 2019 guidance stated that only hand washing and isolation of sick/symptomatic persons to be used for pandemics; nothing else

·        Test and trace system was a failure as had no influence on the virus especially when the pathogen has spread broadly; test and of have it, you trace their contacts; worked well for small-pox, Ebola etc.; unless you have 100% of testing and tracing, it will not work

·        In the winter, 1 in 5/6 colds are caused by coronavirus; but quite likely is our immune response for one gives us resistance to the others

·        It is likely the success of the test and trace in Asian nations due to them having more cross-protecting from other coronaviruses

·        Governments have used fear to manipulate people in COVID to comply and uses media to drive the fear

·        Governments used fear to force lockdowns to give time for vaccine to develop; now using fear to force vaccination and also variants

·        If take a snap-shot of viruses, we will see millions of variants for viruses ‘mutate’ as part of their existence; governments driving keep fear

·        Governments do not want to lift the measures; vaccinations if properly developed, as very necessary and effective

·        Governments must not coerce people into vaccinations; vaccine passports are not needed; proof of COVID recovered is good enough

·        Governments must remove the liability waiver for vaccine development

·        Asymptomatic spread and recurrent COVID virus infection is a myth; very rare if at all

·        We never vaccinated during an ongoing pandemic as it drives mutations due to selection pressure on the pathogen

·        The dynamics of natural or vaccinal collective immunity in the regions where these variants emerged might have placed substantial pressure on the viral ecosystem, facilitating the emergence of a variant with enhanced transmissibility

·        We never inject biological substances into pregnant women or growing children, ever

·        We never vaccinate COVID virus recovered persons as has no benefit and can cause hyper immune response that is dangerous

·        Evidence indicates that spike protein, membrane protein, envelope protein can injure many organs; do not need virus RNA (virus itself)

·        Evidence suggests that the spike protein itself that we are injecting, is an endothelial pathogen; it is toxic especially to the vasculature

·        COVID-19 is a blood and blood vessel disease; SARS-CoV-2 infects the lining of human blood vessels, causing them to leak into the lungs

·        Evidence suggests that the spike protein and LNP do not stay confined to the injection site (deltoid muscle) or nearby lymph draining site; it is found in the circulation systemically

·        Finding after vaccination (first 3-4 days), anaphylactic death, reactor-genic death, COVID like illness

·        Immunity developed via natural exposure is far more robust, complete, and durable than vaccine induced immunity e.g. far more enhanced immunity duration, breadth of recognized epitopes, neutralization capacity, robustness, reduced infectiousness etc.

·        ZERO COVID is impossible and we must not devote effort to accomplish this; it is an ‘invisible’ threat; COVID will become less virulent with time; lockdowns are damaging as it stops us from spreading naturally and harmlessly and arriving at population immunity

·        Lockdowns to allow hospitals to prepare and respond (and treat other conditions) morphed into ZERO COVID

·        Governments are so wedded to worse-case scenarios and cannot seem to get out of the hole they are in; they do not seem to be able to deal with uncertainty

·        The focus has been on vaccines when there were always safe, effective, available, and cheap therapeutic treatments for COVID-19

·        Vaccine developers and all involved in government agencies etc. have been given legal liability protection via the PREP Act (Trump admin)

·        In the US, the protocol has been to ‘go home’ and self-isolate if infected for 14 days; this goes against good clinical practice which must be to reduce the intensity and duration of clinical symptoms and reduce hospitalizations; this is done in medicine but not for COVID

·        The 14 days after a person has tested positive when they are told to self-isolate, is the most terrifying period when they could be treated starting on day one (1) based on the best science we have; persons under age 50 who are healthy, do not need treatment

·        Persons over age 50 or with medical conditions, they should receive an initial infusion of the monoclonal antibodies, then a sequence of drugs are combined, where two intra-cellular anti-infectives (one anti-viral plus one antibiotic e.g. ivermectin, doxycycline) are administered plus a corticosteroid (budesonide, dexamethasone, methylprednisolone); all adults should take 325 mg aspirin as the virus does cause blood clotting

·        Ventilators have not provided the benefit it was supposed to and has proven to be harmful, causing severe VILI (ventilator-induced lung injuries)

·        The governments must widen the debate to get as much input and then integrate the multiple inputs and then make a decision

·        Other good voices have been shut out as to how best to manage and now the government still gets main advice from people who give only ‘worse-case’ scenarios and not from those who can give broader ‘real world’ advice; they are worried about their jobs and income

·        COVID February 2020 is not COVID August 2021; we have to begin acting in a more logical rational manner; media must stop the mass hysteria and fear-mongering; science works by debate and we must never shut down debate and we must allow people to make their own risk-benefit assessment and live their own lives largely unfettered

·        This is a fatal virus and doctors know that a severe virus will never be treated with a single drug e.g. HIV, Hep C etc. So not one drug, multi-drugs, so once there are signals of benefit, we combine drugs into a cocktail and tweaking the cocktail, that is how we improve outcomes; it immoral and unethical to withhold treatment with a high-risk person at home when they would worsen and potentially die

·        Well-conducted non-randomized studies (observational studies) give the same answers (or are even more credible) as randomized controlled trials, especially poorly conducted RCTs

·        Various non-vaccine interventions have been repressed by both the media and the medical establishment in favor of largely untested vaccines and expensive patented drugs

·        FDA is constrained by the 21st Century CURES ACT to include all real-world evidence, non-randomized evidence, anecdotal, observational study designs, case series etc. (section 3022 of the CURES act)

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