Tamiflu was in wait of a virus & found one; Remdesivir was in wait of a virus & got one; COVID vaccines were in wait of a virus & got it; the pandemic was in wait of just the right POTUS & got it

by Paul Alexander

Because with the media, with the deepstate, with the public health alphabets, the 'right' POTUS's pandemic response would be made to be and appear so catastrophic and deranged, that...

you be be so hurt and dismayed by the response, and you would recoil in horror and actually elect people so extreme and radical with insane policies that would enrich them, and destroy the US, who could never ever be elected ‘normally’. At one point, the VP polled near 0% in her own primary, she had to drop out. Now she is VP. Her own party did not want her. They have their reasons.

The pandemic response under Trump doomed him. His intentions and love of nation and flag and people are not in question. I thought a very great American. His failure to fire Fauci and Birx and Collins costed him large at the polls. They manipulated the data, lied openly, hurt him in terms of the response and knew what they were doing to his presidency. Daily. It is their lockdowns and school closures and deviances that harmed and killed many Americans.

January 2020, with the great things he did for the US and African Americans, the economy, regulations, energy etc., many the media just hid and covered up, internal polls had him at 380 electoral votes, at least 40 or so states. Still early June 2020, 380 electoral votes, a landslide. His rally were gathering 60,000 and hundreds of thousands outside.

But you need to understand I talk it as I know and understand and the Fauci & Birx & Francis Collins lockdowns, their school closures, their mask mandates, their business closures, all their lockdown lunacy policies, for it was theirs that he approved, their counselling, these policies were baking in nicely as they were planned and set up by June/July 2020.

With their fraud PCR test (over-cycled above 25 cycles that detect only viral dust) with 95% false positives (we closed schools and locked down on a pure lie!). The lie that asymptomatic vaccinated are not transmitting the virus equally as with unvaccinated symptomatic infected. The lie that vaccinal immunity does not decline after several months. The lie that immune cells are not impaired for weeks or longer post COVID shot (leaving the vaccinated at risk for cancers and infections). Their fraud and deceitful lies on asymptomatic transmission being a driver of the pandemic, their fraud recurrent infection risk, their lies about no early treatment being available, their lies that 10 year old healthy Johnny was at equal risk as 90 year old granny with medical conditions, totally disregarding the risk stratification and age-risk stratified data we had clearly showing a focused protection was all that was needed, with strong protections of the high-risk persons with hands off of the rest of the low-risk healthy society, and their lies that natural immunity was inferior to vaccinal immunity. This was an outrageous lie and when CDC Director Walensky wrote this in a published piece, she should have lost her license. She and the authors should be ashamed. Pure lies by Walensky and others here:

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky lied openly in a scientific publication the LANCET, grossly lying with other so called ‘scientists’.


Scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic: we need to act now

She and they duplicitously wrote: “Furthermore, there is no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection”:

Walensky and the other co-authors lied brazenly to us all! She knew this statement was completely false. Then and now!

The devastating effects of Fauci and Birx and Collins lockdowns on the population, were baking in tight by July 2020. Do not forget this.

I too support and supported him. Huge respect for him. A great heart. But do not discount the ravaging impact of the pandemic response that hurt people catastrophically. He trusted, he trusted his senior personnel, and they worked against him. Yes, the call was from inside the house. Recall the insanity you lived for 2 years and now we know all of their words, these COVID experts, their actions, their policies, down to this fraud vaccine, was, and is a lie! All of it! All devised then to hurt him electorally. It did! He did his best to overcome the subversion, and we all could see what they were doing to him, his presidency.

Trump made a grave error. He should have fired them all day one. He failed. He also did not have the right statesman or woman to come to the nation and explain things. He could not as not his style, and that’s ok, but he needed that ‘conversation’ regularly, by the right person, at the right temperature and EMPATHY, for Americans were badly hurt by the lockdowns and school closures and business closures, etc. and needed the right words to be spoken. To calm their fears. Constantly. Not the clown car show they were daily witnessing at the WH, and still today. Many Americans and children ended their lives, could not take it. Could not hold on. Killed themselves.

Some say he came too early, maybe 2020 was the right time. I don’t know. I still support him. I thought January 2020, bound for Rushmore. I did think he did that good for the US. They took over his pandemic response and devastated it. And had the media blocking and doing the dirty.

No matter what you want to think, the response was a catastrophic failure, under Trump, and pure 100x worse under Biden. Look at life under Biden et al. Difference is Biden et al. as they did for H1N1 2009 (Obama and Biden), did not and would not have daily clown car shows and limits data reporting and curtails the CDC and do not even need to, CDC and NIH are an arm of them. They know what to do with their bogus guidance reports and how to craft them. It’s junk pseudo-scientific reports.

He Trump needs to step up and declare the wrongs in the lockdowns and school closures and mea culpa this for it was his fault Fauci and Birx did what they did to the nation, and the fraud vaccines, and must state the vaccines are not to be given to children. He will be loved by both sides. These vaccines are unsafe, period, and CDC and NIH know this. They know healthy very low risk children will die from these shots. Adults have.

All this waiting, all that is needed is to ‘wait’.

Just musing. It’s Friday, with all the bad news we hear, I had to make myself laugh. I could be a clown at times. A dingbat. A stupid idiot.

You should know, to me it’s about the nation and right and wrong. If Biden et al. asked me to serve and help, I would. It’s an honor to serve a POTUS and the US.