Task: Create a bioweapon that could function ineffectively & cause adverse effects & deaths, that could 'slow kill', that could cause the enhanced infection & spread of pathogen; that could kill kids

by Paul Alexander

That would subvert existing immune systems & damage exiting natural innate & acquired-adaptive immunity; that could drive infectious & deadly variants; then I would create COVID mRNA VACCINES

No question, not even a close second. Yes, if I were tapped for this task, I can see no other candidate as a slow kill bioweapon for a population, that could harm children, that would harm and kill slowly as it is doing now, than the existing mRNA COVID injections.

In making this declaration, I also draw on my bioterrorism training at Johns Hopkins in the past, my epidemiology training and work at WHO (Europe, Geneva, DC), my work at Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), and my other experiential training, my ongoing development, and the exceptional insight and knowledge I gained personally from Dr. DA Henderson who eradicated small-pox. I met him at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, in 2001 when I attended a bioterrorism program. I have also drawn on expert knowledge to make this judgement, including the doctorate I completed under Dr. Gordon Guyatt who is the founder of Evidence based medicine (EBM), in evidence based med and research methods. I also draw on my graduate epi training at U of Toronto and my graduate research training at Oxford in EBM and methods/health care.

If you posed that task to me, to develop such a bioweapon that could injure and kill, that is ‘if’, with all that I know now after 2.2 years of this pandemic response (and all of its lockdown lunatic failures) and what I know about bioweapons and biowarfare, and what I know about these vaccines (note, I know much more than the average person or so called ‘expert, for we have not yet discussed where I worked and what I did and who I saw and what we discussed), then I would bring for you these COVID mRNA lipid nano particle injections…just as they are, I will not change a thing in them, and I would roll them out same…I would for sure hire Albert Bourla of Pfizer to lead the development with Bancel of Moderna…these two…hands down the greatest experts I have come to know who could devise such a ‘slow kill’ population bioweapon…that would use the same spike antigen as the only target for the vaccine induced immune response (vaccinal antibodies) and not the other more conserved stable protein targets like the N-Nucleocapsid protein, the membrane protein, envelope protein and other stable surface targets/epitopes etc., a spike antigen that is indeed known to be the deadly toxic end of the COVID virus. That is involved with end-stage COIVD. I think yes, I have all the ingredients. What do you think? I am being serious in case you thought this was a joke.

Especially Bourla, Fauci, Bancel, and Francis Collins, for these 4 Horsemen who have already delivered plague and pestilence and disaster and death, have proven to be adept at selling to parents a non-sterilizing injection (that does not stop infection, replication, or transmission, that does not neutralize the virus) that confers no benefits to children, and which is harmful as per accumulated evidence.

That they would push these injections after all they know, then they have shown to have the type of cold heartedness needed. I need these folk on my team. To children who bring statistical zero risk to the table, yet these 4 people have shown a skill unlike any other in convincing parents to get this for their no risk healthy children, so I will tap them for this aspect of the task. To force parents to take this injection for their children, and not consider the real threat of harm and even death. This has revealed remarkable skills so we will use it from the 4 Horsemen.

That they would push to vaccinate during the COVID pandemic with massive infectious pressure, knowing the sub-optimal immune pressure by the vaccinal antibodies (antibodies mounting as the population is hit by the virus) placed on the virus’s spike antigen (infectiousness of the virus), that they know would only lead to natural selection of the fittest variants, that the variants that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure would then become enriched and dominant in the environment e.g. Delta, Omicron, subvariants BA.2, BA.4, BA.5 etc., that they would still continue, then I need them. That they would push to immunize children and young healthy persons and damage their potent INNATE immunity, suppressing it permanently with the priming and prejudice/imprinting (Original Antigenic Sin) by the COVID injection (vaccinal immunity), so placing children and young persons with their innate immunity and their acquired-adaptive immunity at risk. That they would know that highly specific vaccinal antibodies would outcompete innate antibodies. They do not care and they have shown this, so they, the Horsemen, fit the bill for this bioweapon! I need their help in pushing the non-sterilizing injection that is functioning as a bioweapon in terms of transmission of pathogen, harms, and deaths.

And I would also offer jobs to Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Murthy, Walensky, and Jha (I will see if Hahn is not too busy in his job at Moderna as well as Gottlieb at Pfizer, and some others I have in mind who could deepen the bench) to help sell it overall to the public. I would also call on the complicit medical profession, the doctors and academic scientists who were part of the selling of the initial bioweapon. The doctors that denied early treatment and caused deaths and worked to push the vaccines on their unsuspecting ‘trusting’ populations. Causing deaths.

I would need the best people to help deceive and mislead the nation on the utility of this bioweapon. This set of characters have revealed a depth of duplicity that is breath taking and I will call on this strength. It has to be sold but these are experts at this type of deception. I would at the same time, go to CNN and FOX (I will not bother Tucker or Laura, or Pete and some others), I know of no other media outfits that could mislead and lie and deceive the public like these two (well, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBC Canada come to mind) as to mRNA injections so having seen their depth, I will tap them. They will help me round off the task team.

That is, if I were tasked…I would NOT re-invent the wheel. It is already in front of us so my task would be easy, and the players are already seasoned. They are actually still heading the deployment of the existing COVID bioweapon.

 Note, I am not trying to be funny here, the content of the above is really devastating if as is, and it is ‘as is’, and I am only trying to wake you up! The above actually makes you/me want to cry uncontrollably.