TEACHER tapes mask to child's face: I will tone down on posting but I want you caught up on things and thinking if I should do 1 big post or the several? but some of these stories are INSANE, PARDON

by Paul Alexander

I do not know what to say about a teacher like this, or what is going on in these people's minds, have we gone INSANE, like effin INSANE!! Fire this beast immediately and investigate! POTUS Trump???

‘An unidentified teacher in Pennsylvania has been caught on camera taping a mask to a students face while he was sitting at his desk in class.

This is child abuse.’

This is worse than child abuse. This is criminal! This teacher is criminally insane!

I mention Trump for we are in this sh*t today due to the lockdowns under him given the free reign he allowed Fauci and Birx and the vaccines and all the insanity about mandates and the like…a vaccine that never ever worked day 1, ever, and a vaccine that was harmful!

I don't blame Biden one bit, he does not know the time of day…he did not do this…this happened under Trump, Biden is just carrying it out…that's how I see it and I want Trump to talk on this story…he opines on Jussie et al. and Kim so come on, tell us what is wrong with this and how you will fix this and why the vaccines and this sh*t must stop…he has to step up for we are in this due to him…yes, I SAID THAT…and I support him. love and supported him, but I cannot just sing kumbaya…no, I call it as it is, I just want the best for the nation and people and this teacher, she is doing this today due to actions that happened under Trump…had he not allowed Fauci and Birx to take control of the response, this teacher could not do this TODAY…all we are going through flows from that…he has great instincts yet he went against them with COVID and it costed him and us…