Tedros, the corrupted dangerous WHO Director, worked with Francis Collins, Fauci, Birx, CDC, NIH, FDA et al. to topple a sitting POTUS; POTUS still does not know how well they subverted him!

by Paul Alexander

Tedros and his 3.4% fatality rate! All the while blocking for China and it's fraud 'no human to human transmission', with Fauci and his step stool; the foci of the Chinese takedown of POTUS Trump

China lied to the world and the virus got out and spread! It is a fact. Importantly, China had help and it involves WHO and Fauci to initiate the fraud! It was Fauci’s initial words and interviews that confused the world and POTUS Trump as to the negligible impact of this virus and it was really deception at it’s peak.

To understand the takedown of Trump, you have to understand China’s role in bringing the virus (with other players), unleashing it, and in the pandemic lockdown fraud they sold in conspiration with Francis Collins, Fauci, and Birx.

and this other WHO corrupted official:


remember this crafty devious media print:


remember this graph?

remember this too so as to bullshit you?

remember this, that had Trump et al. pushing ventilators when in fact it killed most all on ventilators:



Decoupling from China need not be permanent. China is a great civilization, and I have no doubt that China can right itself and rectify its institutions within our lifetime. But we can’t risk our democracy and the lives of our young people while we wait for that to happen. We need to be on the highest level of alert with regard to the CCP and treat the war as if it’s already begun. There’s presently no legitimate reason why we should be engaging with Xi’s China any differently than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

Under these circumstances, given the CCP has enough influence over western elites to get them to place relations with China over the lives of their own people, it simply isn’t safe to support any leader who won’t acknowledge CCP influence on the response to Covid, support decoupling from China, and support the investigation of CCP influence among western elites. The only way to avoid the type of cataclysm we saw in the 1930s is for this to be an issue of highest priority among western citizens. If all do their duty, then I have full confidence that we shall prove once again able to defend our democracy and outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary, alone.


The China Situation Isn’t As Bad As It Looks. It’s Far Worse.

Michael P Senger