Tedros, WHO's Director now says GAY & bisexual (men) should consider limiting orgies, limit number of partners? What took Tedros so long? No, you must urgently call for NO anal sex, NONE, for 3 weeks!

by Paul Alexander

'For men who have sex with men, this includes for the moment, reducing your number of sexual partners, reconsidering considering sex with new partners, & exchange contact details with any new partners

OK, after today, no more cuss words. But I will be coming just as hard.

Bear with me again and my monkeypox substacks.

This is pure political correctness bullshit.

Fauci et al., CDC, NIH, WHO etc. have failed to tell the GAY community what it needed to hear about risk and what they must not do and have caused spread and now the risk of stigmatization. They failed the high-risk group and now there is increased chance that this virus enters the low-risk heterosexual general population.

“It clearly is spreading as an STI (sexually transmitted infection) at this point,” said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

I argue Fauci et al. do not care about the GAY population alike how they do not give a rats ass about the minority population, black Americans etc. They showed that in COVID. I argue CDC and NIH and WHO drove viral spread and expansion deliberately for they could not be that stupid.

Lock them all up! Every one of these bit**es! Lock them up who costed lives with their COVID lockdown lunacy!

First, I am not your doctor, I am saying and it makes sense, if you and your partner are monogamous and you have no risk and no symptoms (GAY or heterosexual for monkeypox or any other pathogen, STD etc.), then you are fine; as afar as we know, this is spread by contact with an infected person. Contact with infected pustules etc.

The GAY community is presently at serious risk of a host of virus and pathogen due to the damage to their immune systems because of the COVID vaccine. They just do not know how vaccine injured they are and this is horrible what our governments have done to them and our police and military and to all of us.

So I am stigmatizing GAYS by telling them no anal sex? I am stigmatizing telling you to stop the multiple partners and orgies? Why? How else would you stop transmission if you are infected? We need you to help quash this.

We were locked down for 2 years over the fraud of COVID and it destroyed our economies and lives. Stop the orgies! This is not about your rights, this is about our general population health that your behavior threatens. You conduct your life how you wish, we are free people, and many GAYs I know are good people, patriots etc., good people, and this is not about being ‘GAY’, but you the GAY population seem to not understand the risk due to your behavior. Many. The abrasive sex during anal sex and skin to skin contact is transmitting the virus. We have no evidence of aerosol spread so we operate based on the risk we know of.

I don’t give a phuck what you Tedros say or CDC or any government official. You and Fauci and Walensky and Birx and Francis Collins and those two malfeasants at Pfizer and Moderna Bourla and Bancel, have failed and you play games.

GAY and bisexual anal sex, heavy skin to skin contact during intimate contact, bursting of anal and penile lesions and pustules and warts, especially bisexual sex puts the rest of the low risk heterosexual population at risk, especially bisexual males who are married and his poor wife does not know he has male sex partners and is bringing it home to the monogamous woman. Phuck you Tedros with your games and the damage you did in COVID with your lying inaccurate misleading COVID response and 3.4% mortality rate! We needed the infection fatality rate (IFR) that thank God Ioannidis has shown it is 0.15 across the board, 0.05 in <70 years. In other words, at or less than a bad flu season!

I will say what I think is best. Cancel my stack if you wish! Why should low-risk populations be at risk because you cannot stop your lifestyle for a short while so that we can stop the transmission? If it were heterosexual sex that was the foci of risk I would be railing on them to stop sex contact for a few weeks. But it is your risk that will make it their risk soon. So Stop!

I say it clearly, NO anal sex, no skin-to-skin contact, NONE, for a while, by GAYS and bisexuals, this is the only way we can cut the chain of transmission. We need to prevent the content of the infected pustules from breaching micro tears in the anal canal, penis etc. This is to help the high-risk population and prevent expansion into the general low risk population.

If you do not like my substack, do not read it, if you hear I said this, phuck you if you get the vapors and clutch your pearls and stocking.

Look at the language, dancing around the GAY community, stroking them, playing, this political correctness bullshit. Did this Tedros beast tell us as ‘gently’ we should consider going to church, or consider burying our dead? This phucker! No, we were denied! Did this bit*h with CDC allow our churches to be opened and all we, Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc., all we wanted to do is enter our houses of worship to our Gods…yet this phucker with CDC Redfield and Francis Collins NIH and Fauci etc. ensured it was shut down and now you dance around the GAY community asking them to ‘consider’ no orgies? Were we allowed to consider? Could we have considered sending our kids to school, and save those who committed suicide? Who hung themselves. You phuckers arrested us, you forcibly shut our places down!


WHO recommends gay and bisexual men limit sexual partners to reduce the spread of monkeypox