Teen Girls Experiencing Record Levels of Sadness & Suicide Risk, CDC Says; why do you think CDC? you moronic idiots what you did with the lockdowns & school closures! You isolated teens & cut them

by Paul Alexander

off from peers & normal social life & civilizing effect; disruption of closures devastated teens; robbed teens of a moral center & clarity about life’s meaning, stripped the predictable life rituals

Do not be misled by the title, our young boys, teens, are in real trouble too.

We forced the ‘id’ (primitive self) to rule over the ego (executive socially adapted self). Ransacked the lives of teens (especially already troubled teens) and removed the predictable ‘normalized’ routine rituals of life. The result and IMO, teens reported increasing experiences of violence and suicidal thoughts, but girls fared worse than boys based on this CDC report in the WSJ. I have written (with Tucker) that the recent mass shootings by teens in America can potentially be traced to lockdowns and school closures, and even the prolonged use of COVID face masks that severed the human connection that helps govern maladaptive behavior. These COVID lockdown lunatic polices shattered social bonds, stripping us of the ability to feel empathy or social ‘good’ to another, of seeing and feeling that ‘community’, and indeed, may have created irreparable damage. Hope has dwindled and is now gone in many a teen, in many a young person.


As per Tucker, we are seeing troubling signs, markers, bubbling and even extreme examples of the loss of moral center. It can go beyond depression and suicidal thought. ‘It is also a warning. Millions more have been so affected, as we lost two years, not only of education, but also of socialization opportunities. Networks have been shattered. Expectations that life can be stable and good, and always will be, are gone for many among a whole generation’…lost is the ability to see ‘our own well-being as bound up with the fate of others.’


‘Nearly three out of five high-school girls in the U.S. who were surveyed reported feelings of persistent sadness or hopelessness in 2021, a roughly 60% increase over the past decade, new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found. In 2021, 57% of high-school girls reported experiencing persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in the past year, compared with 36% in 2011. Thirty percent reported they seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021, up from 19% in 2011.’

‘The CDC found that 29% of high-school boys reported experiences of persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in 2021 compared with 21% in 2011. Meanwhile, 14% of high-school boys reported to have seriously considered attempting suicide, up from 13% in 2011.

‘These data show that the mental-health crisis among young people continues.’

I again say that yes, this is complex and there are a multitude of factors at play yet I place the COVID lockdowns and school closures at the core. The COVID lockdown lunacy have taken teens with malleable, impressionable, developing and unsettled minds, and ripped their worlds apart and have left them spinning, unable to trust given what they have witnessed their governments do to them. Critically, stripping them of all their power and decision-making. Under threat of law and societal ostracization and removal from normal day to day activities if they did not comply. Government bureaucrats and technocrats stepping into the life of a teen and taking away everything, with no decision-making left to them for 2-3 years.

We are now left to take up the pieces with the broken minds of our teens.