Teens! URGENT: Illicit drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, molly as well as Adderall & Xanax taken recreationally are showing up laced with Fentanyl! Animal tranquillizer Xylazine is now on streets, DEADLY!

by Paul Alexander

Parents must be made aware for teenagers, that fentanyl is not only for chronic users as it is now part of the recreational drug scene, showing up in recreational drugs; need FENTANYL test strips

Fentanyl (pure) or as part of other chronic or recreational drugs have permeated American life, as well as Canadian etc. It is deadly! Parents have to be made aware that young persons, teens are in close proximity to this deadly drug now. Recreational drugs are increasingly laced with fentanyl. Whether you like it or not, it is here and our governments have done nothing about this threat and in some corners, there are whispers it is because high-level connected societal people including in governments, have money in this. Making serious money. I will leave that with you to ponder.

The animal tranquillizer Xylazine is now on streets and can kill masses of people. The hands of police who IMO do a remarkable job, are tied. Corrupted politicians and more corrupted lawyers and a legal system.


Is it time then to ensure your child, benign and non-high risk, is given fentanyl test strips to keep on them to test their surroundings? Fentanyl test strips on the dance floor? Would this help partygoers reduce possible risk? Something to think about.

I raise this as a public service statement and for you to think about and heighten your awareness.

I have said before, the US government must authorize the bombing of all the precursor Fentanyl factories in Wuhan China and while there, bomb the Wuhan Institute of Virology after you give a warning to vacate.