Texas Uvalde parents are angry at how police are releasing ever-changing details, they want accountability; for me, I need to know i)religion of shooter ii) religion of person who left door open iii)

by Paul Alexander

iii) religion of commander who said 'stand down' to police in the hallway; I am not questioning the 19 police in hallway; be OPEN to this shooting being a terrorist act, similar has been done; PULSE

Islamic extremism, Christian extremism, any kind of extremism…we have to put terrorism, extremism on the table. By whomever. We are being attacked from within often because we were a kind and compassionate good peoples. We opened our arms and welcomed the wolf.

Could he have been radicalized? May not be but we do not know. We have to open our minds to all things here. Irrational actions, extreme actions demand irrational and extreme thinking to understand it or to figure it out.

The wolf is always at the door and we have allowed the wolf inside our greatest nation. The reason for the 2nd is because the wolf is here so it is the one way we will keep the wolf down and if the wolf ever goes very rogue, we Americans will need to handle our business as per our constitution and 2nd. The wolf knows what we have. The wolf behaves and from time to time acts out to test us. Go examine European nations with no guns, see what the extremist wolf does…

remember Bataclan in France, the nightclub, do not ever forget that, what the wolf did, the forensic pathologist at the scene had to leave the crime scene to go vomit…male balls were cut out and stuffed down their throats…female vaginas were stabbed repeatedly…it is what they did to the persons in the club on the 2nd floor that was repulsive. Read. Do not ever forget why the 2nd is a MUST…we never ever relinquish it. Yes, this crime in Uvalde makes us pause and we must find a way to ensure weapons ONLY in the hands of responsible trained benevolent law abiding people…thats the challenge. Those who seek to destroy the US will have gotten us there if we touched the 2nd. And remember, we have the police and military and vets on our side. Regardless of what the media says.


Horrifying details of the Bataclan Theatre massacre revealed

“Some victims’ bodies from the second floor of the theater had been beheaded, eviscerated and otherwise mutilated”

“The father of one victim had told him that his son had been disemboweled and castrated, with his testicles found in his mouth.

“They had cut off his testicles,” Fenech said during testimony.”

“The bodies have not been shown to the families because they are people who are decapitated, people who are bloated and people who have been disemboweled,” one police witness told officials, according to the transcript.”

“When Fenech asked if the mutilations would have been videotaped by the terrorists, the witness answered, “It seems to me.”

“There are people decapitated, swollen and disemboweled. There are signs of sexual acts committed against women and knife cuts to genitals. If I am not mistaken, some of the eyes of certain people have been removed,” the witness said.”

“But he learned the gruesome details from another investigator, whom he found vomiting and crying after seeing the carnage upstairs, he told investigators.

“After the assault, we were with our colleagues at the Saint-Pierre-Amelot corridor when I saw an investigator leaving in tears, who was just about to throw up,” the police witness said.”

Do not forget the wolf that lurks among us that was let in. Someone let them in. We even know who but all we need now to know is we must be on guard, especially of our children.

I am not saying this Uvalde attack IS a terrorist act firmly, however, I and those investigating like FBI would be foolish to not think this way and not get this information too as part of the intel. I want to know this myself to see if there is a link. This has been devastating and you need to be very sick to kill these children and cause this disaster. We need to know if this was extremism.

Terrorists are well capable and have done it…do not forget Tashfin Malik and her husband Syed Rizwan Farook who killed our precious elderly in San Bernadino. Do not forget Omar Mateen of the PULSE nightclub shooting in Orlando. Do not forget Army Major Nidal Hassan who shot up Fort Hood and killed I think 13 soldiers.

The wolf lurks, extremism. Do not pretend. Even if there are not outright hints of extremism, you have to look for it in these kinds of outrageous heinous crimes that defy a human explanation. Makes no sense. So do not attack me, understand that I am trying to find answers and I allow my mind to explore all angles. We have to be open to any form of terrorism.


San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik: What we know


Terrorist gunman attacks Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida


Terrorist Nidal Hassan who killed 13 at Fort Hood congratulates Taliban from death row

Remember, the Germanwings crash in the French Alps. I argue always, that co-pilot flew that plane into the mountains.


Germanwings pilot intentionally crashes plane, killing 150 people

“Following the crash, investigators determined once the captain had stepped out of the cockpit Lubitz locked the door and wouldn’t let him back in. Sondenheimer could be heard on the plane’s black box voice recorder frantically yelling at his co-pilot and trying to break down the cockpit door.”

“Additionally, the flight data recorder showed Lubitz seemed to have rehearsed his suicide mission during an earlier flight that same day, when he repeatedly set the plane’s altitude dial to just 100 feet while the captain was briefly out of the cockpit. (Because Lubitz quickly reset the controls, his actions went unnoticed during the flight.)”


Middle Eastern Terrorists Entering U.S. Through Mexico