Thanks Biden so much for all you have done to weaken the US & take us to WW III; we have Iran enriching for nuclear bomb, we have them docking warships in Brazil, we have the DOOMS day plane agitating

by Paul Alexander

You POTUS Biden deserve a Nobel Prize now for WAR, you have stoked and promoted was with Ukraine to enrich democrat election coffers & corrupted contracts, enabled Iran, now WW III is at hand

Let me thank you Biden for all of these steps to destabilize the world, weaken America, and strong advances toward war and doomsday, you are simple the best! Better than all the rest! Will make Bush blush as to causing war, George Bush jr. will blush. He will gush at your efforts. Will make his fraud fake invasion of Iraq and the lies by Powell about WMD look like poly anna pink and frilly and puff pink.

Hugs for all this doom, huge hugs for never has one POTUS done so much and so fast to damage the US, weaken her, and take her to a global war. You be the man!