That those involved with mRNA technology & lipid-nano particle technology & ensuing complex (exosome research, extra-cellular vehicle research etc.) stayed silent as CDC & FDA said COVID vaccine

by Paul Alexander

stays at the injection site, is the really horrendous part of this gross treatment of populations; they knew it was a lie & knew it was harmful & had to leave the injection site to work


Thousands have been harmed and died from these mRNA technology based gene injections and they would not have taken them had those involved in mRNA technology research and invention would have come clean and been forthcoming as CDC lied and went about misleading the populations to take the fraud deadly ‘unnecessary’ vaccine.

Should these people not have to explain? Were they incentivized to be silent? I do not know and will like them to explain, among other issues, reverse transcription, DNA plasmids, prolonged stay in the tissues and blood etc. Many key questions that they knew answers to yet were silent.