The art of the steal; democrats are stealing the house victory from right in front of you and the senate; and pusillanimous republicans fuss and pull fuzz balls, paid off?

by Paul Alexander

Repubs not ready to govern if they are letting this gong show go on, elections done 2 days dems have winner waiting to declare victory; better let dems wreck nation more, better chance 2024 for sweep

you republicans won yet dems have you sitting with tails between your legs stealing votes by the day, not letting you declare victory, and you want us to think you going to launch investigations and fix the COVID and other crimes and devastations? no way, not you bunch. you are babies playing among sharks.

If republicans take the house and IMO, democrats will steal it, you think I am twisted, sit back, watch. IMO, if repubs get house, they are DOA, dead on arrival for do you think dems will let them pass any legislation? with dem controlled senate and WH? Never! Moreover, from the first day repub house sworn in, they own the high cost of gas, cost of living, flat plunging wages, high crimes, porous borders etc. for democrats will have the putrid filthy crooked media 24/7 saying the repubs are governing but are failing. Text book, did it before and will do it again. Biden spoke yesterday as if the last 2 years disaster was not due to him and the dems who had actual control and showed you exactly what is coming and these baby pussy republicans, can do nothing about it. a perverse sad state of affairs. will then lose house in 2024, not get senate and no WH.

So better off let dems take house now, let the nation crater more, can’t get worse. Then a chance of sweep all branches of government in 2020. IMO.

Just watching the republicans let democrats steal races they won, is so outrageous and they want us to fight for them and have faith in them to do the right thing? I don't think so, not from what I am seeing. Maybe I am hitting the bottle too much.