The 'BIG KILL off' is coming, we ain't seen nothing yet, 'suddenly dying' is the top searched term today, if 5 billion vaccinated thus far globally, we have 5 billion people with VACCINE injury, they

by Paul Alexander

do not know it yet just how injured they are; we begged them do not touch this, we hold all doctors, all Colleges, all technocrats, all scientists, Pfizer & Moderna, for coming vaccine deaths

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Dr. Roger Hodkinson: "Never forgive. Never forget, I am vengeful, I want punishment to these bastards who hurt people with COVID madness, I want vengeance, I want them all jailed, no forgive & forget"
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Yes, I am saying most if not all persons who took this fraud lipid-nano particle mRNA vaccine are injured and the extent will play out…we warned you, we told you do not touch it.