"The Biological Weapons Convention: Yet Another Nixon Legacy"; another often-forgotten Nixon Legacy — and an important moral one, at that — is the elimination of the use of biological weapons...

by Paul Alexander

...that began as a result of his directive in November 1969. Unilaterally, the U.S. discontinued its biological weapons program

This is an action Dick Nixon took that he has never been recognized for. This is opposite to what was being done over the last decades by Fauci and Francis Collins and Baric etc. that has culminated in COVID virus (SARS-CoV-2). Nixon would be turning in his grave if he knew what was done in the last couple of decades and it is likely that he was very very correct as to why those programs had to be stopped. In the wrong hands, with the wrong intent and motives, bad things could be done and happen with these biological agents. It did here with COVID.

The ‘why;’ is becoming clearer now.


‘The weapons research factory at Fort Detrick where most of the program had been kept under the lid, was disbanded and President Nixon ordered Fort Detrick to instead become a cancer research facility. It would establish itself as the premier cancer research facility in the nation.

His decision had the desired affect as the the Biological Weapons Convention was drafted by the UN and opened for signature in 1972. On this day — August 10 — in 1972, RN sent the Biological Weapons Convention to the U.S. Senate for formal ratification.” I believe this Convention will enhance the security of the United States and the world community,” he said. “It will help ensure that scientific achievements in the field of biology will be devoted not to destruction but to the service of mankind.”