The CDC conspired with NIH & Fauci & Walensky to lie to us, with Francis Collins & medical doctors that it was a pandemic of the 'UNVACCINATED'; never was; it was ALWAYS a pandemic of the vaccinated

by Paul Alexander

These beasts, these criminal malfeasants redesigned definition of what it was to be vaccinated, so that infections, hospitalizations & deaths after vaccine would be placed in the unvaccinated bin

For this, we investigate and jail them for it was a deliberate effort to frighten parents and all of us to get the shot if unvaccinated. Like how they used the fraud flawed over-cycled PCR test which they knew was 95% false positive once they cycled over 24; we cycled at 40 and 45 in US and Canada and UK etc. These malfeasants. Like the fraud asymptomatic transmission that was a lie. Like how COVID vaccine would stop infection and transmission which was a lie. Like how the vaccine would stay in the injection site. All lies. Like how the vaccine content would degrade soon after and come out as waste. Another gross lie for we know that the mRNA and vaccine content stays in the blood and tissue long after. You are making spike protein, you the vaccinated, a dangerous toxic protein and molecule in your cells, in every cell of your body, 24/7 for the rest of your life potentially. We have science showing spike, mRNA, sub-units etc. way long post shots, and no one, no one, not FDA, no one, not pharma, can show us an ‘off’ switch. No one can say if spike protein will be stopped being produced by your cells post shot. Importantly too, we have research showing the mRNA can be reversed transcribed back into DNA. In this way it may be produced life long. Lots we must figure out.

If you know of evidence of stoppage, please send it to me.