The Chad Rabbit's substack is very informative; shows us 4 high-level athletes falling on the playing field & I say it is Kariko, Malone, Weissman, Sahin et al. mRNA technology based gene vaccine

by Paul Alexander

injection, it's mRNA technology vaccine induced myocarditis that goes into mayhem with a surge of adrenaline when exerted; adrenaline onto a scarred heart muscle is catastrophic; cardiac arrest, DAMAR

Players gather around Corey Harawira-Naera of the Raiders as he recieves medical attention during a stoppage in play.
“Did he take the Johnson and Johnson? Or the Astra Zeneca?” That’s probably what I’d be thinking. Story #3 Photo credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

‘Things not to do when vaccinated: Hike, drive, fly, sleep, watch sports, play sports, paddle a “waka.”

UPDATE: This turned into kind of a bombshell report. THREE major sporting events were interrupted yesterday with a player from the team collapsing on the field with a medical emergency, with a FOURTH involving the death of a youth soccer player who collapsed during a U18 match in Australia (Story #4). Tom Lockyer (Story #1, video) from Luton Town collapsed as his team qualified to enter the English Premier League, Kaio Cesar (Story #2, video) from the Brazilian soccer team Coritiba collapsed during the Brazilian Championship match, and Corey Harawira-Naera (Story #3) collapsed with seizures during an NRL rugby game in Australia.



1) Luton Town confirm Tom Lockyer is responsive after collapsing during playoff final

“Responsive.” Well, that’s good….

May 27 — “Luton Town captain Tom Lockyer was taken to hospital after collapsing on the pitch during the Championship play-off final victory over Coventry City on Saturday.”

No one seems to know quite what happened. Luton Town is now in the English Premier League, though. And Lockyer doesn’t appear to have taken the news too badly. Yeah, I’d say he’s responsive alright:

Lockyer's father shared a post on social media showing the defender celebrating
Gooooooooooooooooooal!” Welcome to the Premier League, boys! Photo credit: Twitter

2) Cuiabá x Coritiba: Kaio collapses on the field after being unwell and is taken from the field by ambulance

May 27 — “Coritiba striker Kaio César collapsed on the lawn and was taken away by ambulance in the game with Cuiabá, at Arena Pantanal , this Saturday, for the Brazilian Championship.” [emphasis added]

“Kaio César was taken to the Santa Rosa hospital, in Cuiabá, to be evaluated. According to [the team’s] medical department, the player felt unwell and left conscious in the ambulance. According to [the team’s] advisory, Kaio is fine, talking and will undergo tests while he is under observation.” [emphasis added]

The real source for this story is the NOTB Sports Sudden Death Injury chat group channel. That’s where I found it. NOTB Sports is a people-sourced project to catalogue sports injury stories, which you can join and submit stories to:
NOTB Sports -

This is obviously noteworthy news, yet as of today, late Sunday night as I write this update, the name “Kaio Cesar” brings zero News results in Google:

It’s up to us to make this history.

3) Canberra Raiders player who collapsed and had seizure on field against South Sydney discharged from hospital

Albert Hopoate (L) and Corey Harawira-Naera are great mates.
Albert Hopoate and Corey Harawira-Naera Photo credit: Mike Owen/Getty Images

May 27 — “Canberra forward Corey Harawira-Naera has been discharged from hospital after collapsing and experiencing a seizure during his team’s NRL match against South Sydney.”

“Shortly after taking a hit-up in the second half on Saturday night, Harawira-Naera appeared to become disoriented and fell to the turf.

The match stopped for over 10 minutes as medical staff rushed onto the field and attended to the New Zealand international, who had begun convulsing.”

NRL stars shield convulsing teammate in ‘terrifying scenes’

“At full-time, Raiders coach Ricky Stuart was clearly shaken by the drama.

“It was awful,” he said. “I just spoke to the doctor and he said they were unsure as to why. There didn’t seem to have been any contact to the head. So they’re at a bit of a loss at the moment in regards to why it occurred.”

Yeah I’ll bet they’re baffled.

Well, the first two stories are downright cheery next to this one.

4) Castlemaine footballer, 17, dies after collapsing during local game in Victoria

May 27 — “The Castlemaine Football Netball Club is in mourning after a junior player died during an under-18s game in Victoria.

The boy collapsed and was unresponsive during an away game at the Kyneton Showgrounds at around 12.20pm on Saturday.

He was taken in a critical condition to Kyneton Hospital, where he later died.”

‘“The exact circumstances surrounding the death are yet to be determined but the matter is not being treated as suspicious,” Victoria Police said.’

The matter damn well better start being treated as “suspicious.”

5) Woman, 55, rescued near summit of Diamond Head Crater Trail

May 26 — “A 55-year-old woman who suffered a “medical emergency” near the summit of the Diamond Head Crater Trail this morning had to be rescued by Honolulu Fire Department personnel.

HFD received a call about the hiker at around 10 a.m. The woman had been hiking with three other people when she required medical assistance. Honolulu firefighters arrived a few minutes later and were able to make contact with her at around 10:30 a.m.

She was then flown to a nearby landing zone via HFD’s Air 1 helicopter, and just before 11 a.m. her care was transferred to the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services.”

The classic medical emergency.

6) East Midlands Airport bound Ryanair flight diverted to France after passenger fell ill

May 26 report — “An East Midlands Airport bound Ryanair flight had to land in France after a passenger fell ill. The medical emergency, which affected the budget airline's flight from Reus, Spain to East Midlands Airport in Castle Donington, occurred on Wednesday, May 24.”

7) Person dies after suffering 'medical event' while paddling waka

May 28 — “A person has died after paddling a waka in Lyttelton.

Fellow paddlers are believed to have tried to revive the person at the Christchurch port town on Sunday morning but were unsuccessful, a police spokesperson said.

Police said the person suffered a medical event.”

Paddling a waka. Yeah, that sounds New Zealandish.

And don’t think our friends over at Covid BC Telegram channel are letting us off the hook. Here are some medical mysteries that didn’t make the news:

8) Covid BC Vax Reactions
Patricia Long, “passed away unexpectedly last night,” May 27, 2023 social media post.

9) Covid BC Vax Reactions
DeeJay Njoroh Sweet “suddenly passed on yesterday afternoon,” May 26, 2023 social media post

10) Covid BC Vax Reactions
”Pareng Pajee’s passing was sudden and heartbreaking to me,” May 26, 2023 social media post

11) Covid BC Vax Reactions
“Just found out Lauren Payton suddenly passed,” May 27, 2023 social media post.

12) Covid BC Vax Reactions

“My Beautiful mother in law passed away unexpectedly on May 18,” May 26 social media post.

And just like that — an UPDATE. The moment I publish.

13) LIVE: Devon road blocked following medical emergency near Barnstaple

Ongoing incident near Barnstaple
Some medical incidents require more vehicles than others. Photo credit: Claire Helena

“Braunton Road, near Barnstaple, has been blocked by emergency vehicles following a "medical issue" with a member of the public. A polic [sic] spokesperson confirmed there had not been a collison [sic] but an indiviudal [sic] was in the process of recieving [sic] medical attention.

Accoprding [sic] to one eyewitness more than seven police cars are in the area and an air ambulance has also been photographed circling above. Traffic appears to be struggling on both sides of the road with congestion stretching from the Chivenor Cross Roundabout to Tarka Holiday Park.”

‘“A spoksperson [sic] for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "This is a medical matter, it's a medical issue. A member of the public is being treated by emergency services. There doesn't seem to have been any kind of collision. It's a pure medical matter."’

Copy that? It’s a medical issue. [Typos left in for comedic effect.]’

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Things not to do when vaccinated: Hike, drive, fly, sleep, watch sports, play sports, paddle a “waka.” UPDATE: This turned into kind of a bombshell report. THREE major sporting events were interrupted yes…
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