The Conservative Woman: "The dictatorial, dreadful state we’re in" by Niall McCrae; As a socialist, Elmer is exasperated with the demise of the Left as an emancipatory movement. Its representative

by Paul Alexander

bodies, particularly Labour Party & trade unions, have been overrun by progressive ideology of the professional bureaucratic class; credentials used to maintain privilege & keep the disadvantaged down

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This is the BLUE-PRINT for a Republican congress and senate to hold the proper investigations to get to the bottom of the manufacture (Gain-of-Function) and release of COVID-19, as well as investigations of all of the COVID lockdown polices, mandates, and the decisions and actions taken in developing and bringing the COVID gene injection (vaccine). This is imperative for any administration to get accountability for all of the policies and decisions made with regards to COVID-19:

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“IF YOU haven’t come across the work of Simon Elmer of Architects for Social Housing, I suggest you catch up by reading his latest polemic, The Road to FascismSince the beginning of the purported Covid-19 pandemic, Elmer has incisively observed the globalist coup under cover of a public health emergency.  

As a socialist, Elmer is exasperated with the demise of the Left as an emancipatory movement. Its representative bodies, particularly the Labour Party and trade unions, have been overrun by the progressive ideology of the professional bureaucratic class. This is the meritocracy of which Michael Young warned: credentials are used to maintain privilege and keep the disadvantaged down. This consolidation of power has strengthened with Covid-19, which resulted in the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich in modern history.

I was reminded of a cartoon published in the Daily Telegraph during the first lockdown. Bob Moran drew an affluent couple in a spacious garden, perhaps in a leafy part of Islington, enjoying the sunshine while working from home. On the near horizon is a council tower block, where single mums are imprisoned with their kids. Such evisceration of the hypocritical metropolitan elite, who actually enjoyed Covid-19 (despite their virtue-signalled fear and NHS worship) is a prominent theme in Elmer’s writing.   

Some readers here may be wary of a diagnosis of fascism. For Elmer, this is the ideology attributed to Benito Mussolini but actually of much earlier historical origin as a means of enslaving the masses. However, the new world order may also be viewed as the social oppression of communism. Undoubtedly there are features of both political extremes, as suggested by the horseshoe, whereby poles of Left and Right converge in crushing autocracy. Elmer is undeniably right that global corporations are ascendant, and as Mussolini wanted at national level, the world is ruled by a merger of state and commercial power. Rapidly advancing technology, driven by Big Tech and Big Pharma, has accelerated the process.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, said in 2011 that ‘markets like totalitarian governments’, and according to Elmer the corporate globalists have got what they wanted. It’s a lengthy point but worth quoting in full:

‘Now that our right to protest against any Government policy or legislation is dependent upon the good will of an increasingly politicised and ideological police force;

now that the state has denied us not only the financial means but even the legal right to challenge the decisions of the Government and other public bodies in the law courts;

now that the corporate media has become the unified propaganda arm of the state tasked with censoring anything the Government judges to be “fake news”, including the consequences of its own legislation;

now that our citizenship can be removed on the judgement of a Government Minister without scrutiny by our elected representatives in Parliament or judgement by the judiciary; now that corporate-funded “fact checkers” dismiss as “conspiracy theory” any criticism of both the corporations funding them and the governments they fund;

now that our opinions on anything from politics, “vaccines” and war to corporate transparency and the new cultural and legal orthodoxies of woke are subjected to scrutiny and erasure by social media platforms soon to be empowered by legislation to censor anything the Government considers “lawful but harmful”; now that our human rights are being replaced by the obligations to the UK biosecurity state;

now that our civil liberties are contingent upon compliance with the unaccountable decisions of organisations of global governance run by international corporations and the unelected technocrats of nation states;

now that Digital Identity carrying our biometric data is being made a condition of access to everything from travel, healthcare and education to voting, welfare and work; now that our currency is on the verge of being limited, programmed and linked to our carbon footprint and medical “status”;

now that medical interventions on the cusp of being made mandatory will carry the technology to register compliance with whatever mandates the international health technocracy imposes; now that the opinions and publications of writers, academics and other researchers must comply with the official policies of the UK biosecurity state or face ad hominem attacks by the British Broadcasting Corporation;

now that all workers in contact with the public, including teachers, are compelled to undergo indoctrination into woke orthodoxy through programmes like “unconscious bias” and “equality, diversity and inclusion” training;

now that parental consent is no longer required before the state makes experimental mRNA “vaccines”, puberty blockers and irreversible medical procedures available to their children;

now that journalists reporting from the Ukraine who do not parrot the Government’s narrative have their bank accounts frozen and their assets seized;

now that police are using live facial recognition technology to stop and search members of the public without cause;

now that the cameras recording us at supermarket checkouts are using the same technology to add to the data banks;

now that we can be arrested by the police for posting a comment online that in their estimation has the potential to cause someone else “anxiety” or “offence” or carrying a banner that might cause a “disturbance of the peace”;

now that we are being herded into a system of Social Credit by which obedience to Government-dictated norms of behaviour and not merely the law will become a condition of citizenship in the biosecurity state;

now that the biopolitical paradigm of the camp is being expanded into a permanent spatial arrangement of the state of emergency that will embrace the whole of society – it has become impossible not to describe the society in which we live now as totalitarian.’   

What a tour de force! The book takes us to the shift in crisis from Covid-19 to Ukraine, and now a new prime minister has been selected by the globalists. As boasted by its leader Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum is infiltrating governments to ensure the Great Reset. Our parliament has become WEFminster, inflicting the global biosecurity state on citizens who naively believed – and many continue to believe – it is serving the nation.  

We are in a battle of biblical poignancy against a dystopian technocracy that will dehumanise us and determine whether we live or die. If you think that far-fetched, you should read Elmer to understand the predicament for humanity. Awareness is the precursor to resistance.”