The cover up of data and facts by CDC is closer to me than you realize; it was I who wrote internally when at HHS working for Trump, for I saw that they were writing to hurt Trump, political pieces

by Paul Alexander

I wrote that the CDC MMWR reports and their work was scientific junk, I saw it clearly and it was that communication the CDC and NIH leaked and media went on a smearing campaign of me

I wrote this 18 months ago that the CDC is used as a political tool to hurt or support the POTUS and administration depending on if it is left…once it was Trump, I was seeing that the reports were hit pieces, each one, especially to hurt his pandemic response, and they were working with Fauci and Birx to do this…now under Biden, they write to support the unsound inept policies or just DO NOT write anything….

I was doing an analysis of their CDC MMWR reports for the last 2 POTUS relative to Trump and it was clear they were acting as a hit piece on Trump to damage his re-election and they did.