The COVID epidemic-pandemic would have not been continuing the way it has had we used early treatment and not used a non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccine that does not stop transmission

by Paul Alexander

Had we used PSAs on Vit D for darker skinned persons as well as people who get no sunlight (or limited) and no supplements, as well as on body weight control as obesity is the super-loaded risk factor

In other words, if we want to continue this epidemic-pandemic with this COVID virus indefinitely, and more likely drive infectious variants and one to two lethal deadly ones, that could damage humanity, pure and simple. These vaccines will damage us and we must stop the vaccine, the lipid nano particles (LNP) are dangerous and the platform is garbage, the LNP technology. This mRNA vaccine-induced spike is deadly, killing us. We have to stop the vaccine and never ever for our children.

Had we used early treatment and properly protected the vulnerable and allow the rest of society (the healthy well society, low-risk) to live normal lives, we would have ended this 1.9 years ago. The vaccines have driven the emergence of infectious variants (via natural selection) and kept this going. Had we wanted to create a bioweapon and keep this epidemic ongoing, and slow kill people, harm people, and damage our natural innate and natural adaptive-acquired immune systems, then we continue this. We keep vaccinating this way with these exact vaccines.

Seems Fauci said we may have to shut down again, making hay out of the far East and Europe infections. Its due to the vaccine. Not to do with the virus, BA.2.

Be warned.