The COVID gene injection (so called vaccine) fraud & lies began with FDA's EUA approval based on fraud Pfizer & Moderna data; 95% relative risk reduction was a 0.7% absolute risk reduction, NNT 142

by Paul Alexander

This was the fraud, the lie that they gave us knowing public would fall for the '95%' efficacy reduction, when the 0.7% absolute reduction (ARR) was terrible & number needed to treat of 142 terrible

They told us it was ‘efficacious’ but you did not ask yourself, efficacious on what? The truth is that it was not efficacious (optimal in the ideal lab controlled setting setting) for reducing death or hospitalization or even infection or ICU, moderate or even severe symptoms and disease, no, it was efficacious in reducing ‘mild’ COVID symptoms. And you fell for it. For no one cares about mild COVID symptoms. It was all a lie.

That lie was the killer lie for we fell for it yet people like me were hammering them on it. Small event number, stopping early for benefit, giving placebo the vaccine etc., all these conspired to doom the data, omission of 3,000 subjects from the data by Pfizer that back calculations made even the fraud 95% RRR drop below the 50% threshold.

We were sold a bag of soiled goods I am sorry to say day 1.