The COVID vaccine can be far more dangerous to you than the virus itself and you have to weigh the benefits versus the risks to 'you'; if there is all risk and no benefit, DO NOT touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Paul Alexander

Truth be told, we shut down such programs with a limit of 50 deaths...1976/77 pandemic vaccine program was shut down and had approximately 50 deaths; that WAS the threshold; changed for COVID; why???

We held a threshold of deaths that would invoke a shut down of approximately 50 post vaccine program implementation. For COVID, we are into the tens of thousands and the program continues. Why? Is something other than science at play here for COVID???

The truth is that based on the deaths that were accumulating early in February and March 2021 this vaccine would have been pulled HAD it not been for COVID and involved this cast of malfeasant vaccine developers and public health officials. I do not know what else to say at this time for they operate as if the vaccine is clean, no adverse effects or deaths. Yet there are millions and tens of thousands respectively.

The accumulated data tells us the vaccine is dangerous for our elderly immunosuppressed, immunocompromised, elderly with underlying conditions. McCullough stated that 40% of deaths in British care homes are directly associated with the vaccine. In Ontario, estimates are that 80% of the deaths were in nursing homes and similar type congregated settings. It was the killing fields up in there.

I work with Dr. McCullough and the most principled and accurate and professional brilliant scientist. He says: para “We now know it’s the seniors who die with the vaccine … 50 percent of these deaths occur within 48 hours, 80 percent within a week.”

It is our seniors who incur massive morbidity and mortality from these vaccines and this is a scandal and outrage!

Reports are that vaccine recipients who have bad reactions often suffer from very serious adverse reactions, and they die “within a day or two.”

“Many people are dying from cardiopulmonary collapse due to their body’s overwhelming production of the spike protein, whilst others are dying from a thromboembolic or blood clot-related death within a few weeks of getting vaccinated. He said in these cases it’s very clear that the jabs are responsible for the deaths.”

Let me as clear as possible and join Dr. McCullough based on the data we have seen. Young persons must stay away from the vaccines as they can cause very serious heart problems such as myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart sac), which the mainstream media have repeatedly attempted to downplay.

McCullough explains it very well by posing the one question that people are concerned with:

para Would I die from the vaccine?

“And that’s what they’re being asked for; they’re being asked to … take a vaccine, and even though it’s rare, you could lose your life and then people are saying, ‘Well, how rare is rare?’ and I can just tell you, the mortality rate by all expert analyses is unacceptably high,” McCullough said.