The COVID vaccine program, all of it has been a complete devastating failure! The vaccine has failed and it is plain to see; any such program during an ongoing epidemic/pandemic results in variants

by Paul Alexander

If you mass vaccinate during a pandemic, with ongoing infectious pressure intersecting with sub-optimal immune pressure, then natural selection will select the 'fittest' variant forward to the future

Yes, there is the phenomenon of original antigenic sin with sub-optimal immune priming/exposure, there is antibody mediated viral enhancement (AMVE) and antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) (argued as the same), there is the possibility that it is the immune system responding wrong (systemic antibody responding when what is needed is a cytotoxic NK response at the local site of infection) etc. All or one of these can likely best explain what we are seeing here with troubling infections and illness following vaccination. However, I wanted to take it down to a much simpler level and just discuss the devastation of mounting a mass vaccine program in the midst of an ongoing epidemic/pandemic.

Firstly, we can never ever achieve population-level herd immunity using a non-sterilizing vaccine as these COVID vaccines (that do not stop infection or transmission) since the chain of transmission cannot be broken. Ever! if the vaccine does not sterilize the virus (as such confer immunity), then the transmission cannot be broken.

There are coronavirus animal reservoirs and thus we will never rid ourselves of these coronaviruses. The key argument here is that these vaccines will result in new infectious variants that can be catastrophic. It can be devastating to the innate immunity to our children’s innate immune system (vaccinal antibodies suppressing (outcompeting) low-affinity, non-specific ‘innate antibodies’ that children have as their first line of defense). Children will then be defenseless to a broad range of pathogen.

More infectious variants will emerge as there is massive infectious pressure (virus is all around e.g. Delta, Omicron) bumping up against sub-optimal and non-sterilizing, immune pressure (non-sterilizing vaccinal antibody pressure), and natural selection will thus function to select variants that can surmount the sub-optimal immune pressure. Along comes new variants like omicron etc. More to come if we continue, more infectious variants and usually non-lethal. There is a risk however, that a lethal variant can emerge if we continue this mass vaccination with infectious and sub-optimal immune pressure going at each other.

Some argue that second generation vaccines beyond what we currently have for COVID, that are sterilizing and confer proper full immunity (stops infection and transmission and prevents immune escape) will end the disastrous vaccine performance and variant risk we are currently experiencing. That it will stop the emergence of variants (and sub-variants) that could be devastating to humanity. We are getting reports of recombination with variants coming together and this can be extremely hazardous. Omicron has now emerged as the most infectious (resisting the vaccinal antibodies) variant and we argue, it is due to the mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic.

This is the danger if we continue this mass vaccination. We have to stop this now! I do not know how else to say this. If we wish to keep trapped with ongoing boosters that fail over and over yet have the population trapped, driving new variants routinely, damaging our children’s innate immunity and harming them, and causing potential widespread illness and vaccine linked deaths, then we should continue this mass vaccine program exactly how we are doing it now. Do not change it!