The DNC is the CCP of the USA: Today’s Democrat National Committee (DNC) is nothing more than a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There are no “liberals” in the Democrat Party today,

by Paul Alexander

only far left lunatics stuck somewhere between Marxist and Maoist. The Biden’s in particular, are entirely owned by the CCP and all sane people know it! based upon the principles of Karl Marx

‘Let’s get real with each other for a minute. Today’s Democrat National Committee (DNC) is nothing more than a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There are no “liberals” in the Democrat Party today, only far left lunatics stuck somewhere between Marxist and Maoist. The Biden’s in particular, are entirely owned by the CCP and all sane people know it!

Their party agenda is based upon the principles of Karl Marx with heavy handed tactics, the likes of Chairman Mao. They don’t serve any American citizen today. They only serve the enemies of America, to destroy freedom, liberty, and justice. They are the party of a major mental and moral malfunction. They hate everything America ever stood for and they aim to destroy it.

In the good ole days, we had liberals and conservatives, both seeking peace, freedom, liberty and justice, but with different ideas how to achieve those common goals. Now, there are no liberals, just galvanized true conservative American patriots trying to save freedom for all, and whacky Marxist morons trying to steal from everyone else, to enrich themselves.

Liberals used to be peacemakers, anti-war types. Now they are the most violent destructive people in the USA, via democrat groups Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, the most fascist group to ever set foot on American soil. The two make the KKK look like a girl scout troop, and they are funded and protected by the DNC (CCP of the USA) and their corporate coconspirators.

Everything is wrong in the USA right now, as over 70% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction under DNC leadership, in poll after poll.

Our problem is really quite simple. Today’s Marxist democrats are insane.

Over 90% of the “mass shootings” have been carried out by a crazed leftist malcontent, including the school shooting in Nashville yesterday, that left three young children and three adults dead at the hands of a 28-year old female who was “transitioning to a male,” as if that’s even possible. No matter how much one mutilates their body, they remain the same gender they were at birth.

What’s the insane democrat reaction to crazy people doing crazy violent things?

Well, dementia Joe thought it was appropriate to step to the podium and make jokes about his favorite ice cream, before launching yet another assault on the 2nd Amendment, as if the gun did the killing, not the crazy 28-year old trans leftist mental misfit. Another leftist alleged Highland Park survivor used the deadly event to crash the security gates at the shooting scene to help dementia Joe turn focus away from the crazed killer, and onto the guns the nut used in her killing spree.

Meanwhile, a top priority of the DNC since Obama 2009 has been to put violent convicted criminals back on the streets, import millions more at our Southern Border, turn our courts into protection for perpetrators instead of victims, and weaponize every Executive Branch Agency against American Citizens.

In just the past two years, the unconstitutional O’Biden regime has literally created death and destruction across this country and around the globe. They have created so many disasters at this point that there’s no longer any need to even bother enumerating them.

If YOU are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do something, betting on any political figure when we no longer have legitimate elections or spending your time whining and complaining about our dismal condition, YOU my friend, are unamerican and NOT part of any solution!

There’s always more evidence to know, but at some point, evidence must become actionable, or it’s just more useless information.

If YOU are not working with other sane Citizens to solve these problems in truly viable options, then the idea that “there is nothing YOU can do” is right. Sitting on the sidelines or working alone, there’s nothing anyone can do. We are doomed!

Only if we get in the same room, with the same single purpose and a unified determination to defeat the evil insanity currently gripping our country, can we have hope for the future.

Sadly, millions of Americans are addicted to Hopium, not hope! A false hope is no hope at all. Fearful of the future, millions seek Hope, but instead, gravitate towards that which gives them momentary calm, Hopium.

Hopium is comfort found in mere words. It doesn’t take a genius to know what you want to hear. You want to hear “everything will be okay.” You want to hear that “someone else will save the day.” But it’s not true… it only creates more apathy in the only people who can save the day, YOU!

We must begin with two points of agreement…

  1. The American left is totally insane now, and totally destructive of our beloved country, and therefore, they cannot be allowed to remain in power over this country.

  2. Our strength rests in our numbers and unity, nowhere else. So, we either work together to put an end to the evil insanity, or we perish together.

Every American will make a choice, whether they want to or not. Every American will also pay the consequences for those choices.

If you think the future does not depend upon the choice you make today, you’re wrong. But if you have already surrendered, believing there is nothing we can do, then you will be right. You have created a self-fulfilling prophecy of death and destruction by simply refusing to unite for the fight of this century.

The future is in the hands of evil insane immoral and unethical miscreants today and it will remain in their hands, unless we remove it from their hands.

Only the American Citizens themselves hold such power. But they must use that power or lose it forever! Today is the day! There will be no participation trophy’s when freedom is lost forever!’