The “Future Framework,” a FDA regulatory scheme that would allow Pfizer & Moderna to “reformulate” COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in perpetuity, without conducting clinical trials on the new vaccines, June 28

by Paul Alexander

VRBPAC meeting June 28th, 2022; flu vaccine fails each year, will NEVER work, now FDA will take same FAILED flu vaccine process yearly to select future COVID injections from Moderna & Pfizer etc.

‘Future Framework”….get to know that term.

This meeting happens today and this is the insanity we face as a US nation, how the FDA and the governmental agencies are now completely corruptible and unscientific. Bought and paid for by the pharmaceuticals and special interests. Something very wrong is happening in the US and these agencies, CDC, FDA etc. must be stripped down to the studs and every high level person fired. The alphabet health agencies must be remade. The FDA as the nation’s top regulator, the protector, is over. It is DOA. We need to remake it and we need leadership who will make the decisions to strip this corrupt agency down and ensure we learn how they made each COVID and COVID vaccine decision for we need financial and even penal (jail) penalties if they were reckless and costed lives. If proper legal inquiry shows they caused deaths, then they must be accountable. No matter how long the inquiry takes.


FDA’s agenda; Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee June 28, 2022 Meeting Announcement

As part of this ‘Future Framework, any new or further upcoming COVID injections would be designated as automatically as effective and even safe, without any NEW CLINICAL TRIALS. None! If deemed similar biologically, once it is deemed similar, it, the new injection, with no research trials, will be approved. This is my understanding.