The Gateway Pundit: "BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Shows David DePape Could Never Fit Through the Hole in Broken Window in the Rear of Pelosi Home #Pelosigate"; Then the entry was consensual.

by Paul Alexander

The broken glass doors were not the entry point into the house. This is evident from the photos on Friday morning. Why would Paul Pelosi go downstairs, greet the man, and bring him up to the bedroom?

People are beginning to ask and I have no answer for it: what does Paul Pelosi, Jussie Smollett, and Bubba Wallace have in common? I told one person I did not know when I was asked and he then said “they are all fabricated stories, the real truth will come soon for Paul”. I told him I did not know. I find it all intriguing. I wish Mr. Pelosi a safe speedy recovery.