The 'GOOD' German and 'COVID fanatic'; this is beyond 'Karens' & 'Neils'; this is about structural sickness in the society; how I too grew to understand the good German in this COVID insanity

by Paul Alexander

How people could move from understanding wickedness and brutality and viciousness and dehumanization as now to be ‘good’ and acceptable? How could the Germans stand on the side of the government?

‘The good German’ and the ‘Covid fanatic’ are two of the same. I know that the Jewish people suffered unspeakable crimes that are haunting. I know how many millions were brutalized and perished, and this piece is not meant to say that the Jewish people are the same as the Covid members of society subjected to insane, harsh punitive actions by so called self-confessed ‘good’ members of their societies and their governments. However, the parallels are strikingly similar and very troubling and angering. The parallels are instructive and worth thinking about.

What happened in Nazi Germany in the 1940s has happened today in regards to Covid in Canada, US, Australia, Austria to name a few psychotic societies.

The fact is that ‘the good Germans’ failed catastrophically to act in the 1940s, to protect their fellow Jewish man and woman, to take some action against the brutality of Hitler. They refused to stand up to protect others. This describes the ‘Covid fanatic’ today.

The "good German" was a male or female in society who believed that they were "following the good government". They did not harm the Jew but did not stop the German authorities from harming them. They did not help them when they were being hunted and killed. And today, we have billions of COVID vaccine doses in arms yet everyone is getting infected. The vaccine does not stop transmission and has failed to the Omicron variant. So what is driving the ‘Covid fanatic’? The government has perfected the phrase ‘the vaccine works to protect those around you’ and so the vaccinated thinks that they had to get it and you who chose not to, for whatever reason, is a terrible harmful dangerous person that MUST be punished. You must be jailed. Your life brunt down. Just like what ‘the good German’ did to the Jew, or stood by and allowed and even facilitated.

My piece is on this COVID insanity and how reasonably normal people reacted to the assaults on rights and freedoms by governments and how it is linked to ‘the good German’ phenomenon. This stems from the core fact that millions of Germans stood by in WWII while innocent Jewish people were slaughtered by the German military.

Let me share some key topics with their urls to review:

The Nuremberg Code, please do not forget it, please do not forget the evil:

‘The Medical Case was one of 12 war crimes trials held before an American tribunal as part of the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings. The trial dealt with doctors and nurses who had participated in the killing of physically and mentally impaired Germans and who had performed medical experiments on people imprisoned in concentration camps. Here, chief prosecutor Brigadier General Telford Taylor reads into evidence a July 1942 report detailing Nazi high-altitude experiments and outlines the prosecution's goals for the trial (Medical Case: US prosecutor details illegal experiments). I remind doctors and scientists and technocrats today, doctors and scientists were hung as a result of the Nuremberg hearings. ‘I was only following orders’ or ‘rules’ did not apply.

Also, let me state this,

i) There was fraud by Pfizer et al. in their vaccine trials and the submissions to the FDA.

ii) Why would the FDA seek to delay for 50 to near 100 years access to the data and information used to make its COVID vaccine decisions?

iii) How could the FDA be 50% funded by the very same pharma companies it regulates? As you consider these and get angry, let us consider ‘The Good German’.

The concept of ‘The good German’ has been a fascinating, troubling, moving, painful one for decades. How could people stand by, how could they do nothing to stop the dictatorship and the harming and killing of the 6 million Jews. How? How could Germans who lived in harmony and side-by-side with the Jews then suddenly stand by and go their way, turning against the Jews, denouncing them, assisting the government, and having no care about what was taking place with the killing. How? Did the German population move from understanding wickedness and brutality and viciousness and dehumanization as now to be ‘good’ and acceptable? How could they acquiesce this way? Are there parallels from Nazi Germany in what we see today in the way populations acquiesced and subverted themselves to the insanity, the failed policies, the power grabs, the pure pain inflected on societies by the COVID Task Forces and technocrats, the faceless technocrats? I say yes, 100%.

Allow me to explain my thoughts. The responses to actions taken by public health, medical, and govt officials towards the COVID-19 pandemic have proven to be a real life experiment in human behaviors. How do I link ‘the good German’ to the COVID fanatics? In my view to those in society who have reacted in often an irrational, illogical, absurd, unsound, and dangerous manner, and driven by the equal psychopathy of their government leaders and their Task Force advisors. Well, let me say this:

Officials have responded to this virus in a manner that you would towards something that could result in an imminent threat to human life. Yet, this virus has a low lethality and mortality rate (0.15% IFR across all age-groups, 0.05% < 70 years and statistical zero for children and young persons). Clearly the harsh responses of enacting lockdowns, school closures, masking, social distancing, and vaccination was not required from a scientific point of view. In fact, these harsh measures caused harm and fatalities that were greater than the damage caused by the virus itself.

The one thing that emerged in all of this is the various ways in which human beings across the globe reacted to these measures, none of which were enshrined in evidence based, scientific data. 

Some (I argue ‘most’) people in the population were complacent and very accepting of the misinformation being fed by officials and MSM. They went along with the narrative, never questioning its validity. It is here I link the COVID societal response to ‘the good German’ phenomenon that has no good explanation. What made them react this way? Was it all the fear mongering that was thrown their way? Did they think that everything that came out of the mouths of public health, govt and medical officials was gospel and one is not supposed to question or second guess any of the draconian measures being imposed on the populations? Perhaps they were so fearful that the virus would kill them if they did not wear a mask, did not lockdown, sent the children to school and did not take the 2 dose regimen vaccines and the boosters that followed. 

Ok, so let us follow the view that fear was the driver for some segment of the population who did as they were told and followed all the restrictions as prescribed. The human behavior that ensued is the interesting part. People complied fully and castrated those who did not. They called the police to 'snitch' on their neighbors who were having family gatherings. Just as ‘the good German did’ to the innocent Jews. These people did not care that the same neighbors who they were friendly with pre-Covid, would be dragged out of their homes, beaten, arrested and thrown in jail. Just as ‘the good German did’ to the innocent Jews. But why? Is it that they were so oblivious to the fact that none of the responses made good common sense and were certainly not based on the science? Perhaps they wanted to overlook this aspect because they could not let themselves believe that they were duped, that they were grossly misled, and went along with policies that even could harm and did harm them. They were had. Maybe they felt that if they were complying, everyone around them should do the same. If others did not comply, then they would have to be punished. This view is a very tragic statement of what society has become. People are being pitted against one another and divisions are being formed that may never go away even upon return to the 'new normal'. 

Then there is another segment of the population that are trying to get more information about the scientific validity of the restrictions being imposed on them. They are seeking sources of data and information alternative to MSM. They are looking around them at people who have taken vaccines, for example, yet these vaccinated individuals are still wearing masks, socially distancing, and are getting infected with the virus. The tragedy of it is that this segment of the population who did not rush to vaccine is being looked at as the fringe dissents. The attacks are relentless. Vaxxed vs unvaxxed. And the government leaders are ever so happy to drive the segregation.

The vaxxed are portrayed especially in MSM as the 'good' in society. Just like ‘the good German’. So to extrapolate, to be a 'good' member of society, you have to go along with all the rules enforced on you and one should dare not question authority. This is exactly what ‘the good Germans’ did. This was wrong. You cannot defend this. They cannot defend this. They stood by as innocent people were killed. They did not help. They looked away and many even helped authorities find and hurt innocent Jews. Just like the ‘Covid fanatics’ today. ‘The good German’ and the ‘Covid fanatic’ is two of the same. IMO.

So that leaves the unvaxxed segment in society being labeled as 'bad'. So in other words, COVID has re-defined the meaning of commonly used words. A 'bad' person is one that stands up against autocracy and tyranny. A 'bad' person is one that questions why the science does not support the COVID restrictions and mandates enforced on populations. A 'bad' person is one who fights peacefully and legally for their freedoms. A 'bad' person is one that takes a stand for what they know is a constitutional right. A 'bad'  person is labeled as much for having common sense and realizing after looking around them that after 2 plus years,  none of the restrictions and draconian measures have worked. They have seen that the vaccine has failed. Ineffective and failed. In fact they have made things far worse. This person who questions and is a skeptic is IMO, is harassed and targeted and punished by their society, by the so-called ‘Covid fanatics’, just like ‘the good Germans’.

The Covid fanatics actually work with governments and police to hurt members of their own society. But what drives this sick twisted thinking and behavior? Do they not realize the skeptic’s fight to remove unscientific mandates protects them ‘the Covid fanatic’ from the damaging mandates, protects their 15 year old son from dropping dead on the soccer field from vaccine-induced myocarditis, and helps ensure that their parents and grand parents get access to early treatment that could 90% reduce the risk of hospitalization and death?

As we emerge out of this Covid insanity one day, will it be possible to become a ‘whole’ society again? Will the shadow of ‘the good German’ over the ‘Covid fanatic’ ever be gone? Will there be so much resentment that the 'good' will want to stay 'good' and the 'bad' will continue being 'bad'. Will there be crossing of lines with some 'good' realizing the error of the officials' ways. Will these people then go to the 'bad' side. How angry will the ‘Covid fanatic’ get? For the truth will emerge and will they get that crushing feeling inside one gets, when it comes upon them one day driving in the car, alone, that they worked with the government and inept illogical power-drunk technocrats etc. in hurting good people among them? In harming them, potentially causing death too.

Long after the pandemic is declared ended and mandates, restrictions and emergency orders have been revoked, will this experiment of human behavior come to a favorable conclusion?