The Great Society: POTUS Lyndon Johnson & Democrats destroyed minority & African-American, he broke their backs with his fraud dependency program in 1964 (the largest social reform plan in history)

by Paul Alexander

these democrats that wanted to do good by blacks, well, with welfare, housing etc. they reversed 100 years of strong progress where blacks post slavery were outpacing whites on most socio-indicators

This was the most sweeping ambitious expansion of the federal government since POTUS Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.

The Great Society was never ever Great. It was devastating on the American society.

Key was welfare that emerged as the ‘husband’ of the minority American woman; Democrats took the father out of the home, destroyed his role, his place, turned potent strong independent hard working blacks into dependents, destroyed the will and mind. No government program has done more damage to the American people than The Great Society. Broke the backs of blacks when truth be told, blacks were digging out of the slavery hole post 1865, outpacing whites.

From 1965 (100 years post abolition of slavery), when you look at the socio-economic indicator curves, you see it plunge downwards for blacks while whites stayed up. What blacks were doing on their own was reversed in 1965 and one key is the devastation of the nuclear family where today over 3 out of 4 African American homes are lead by a single person often not mother who is a crack whore while father is a dead beat drug addict thug just screwing each woman he could and getting her pregnant. Not taking responsibility and leaving the kids fatherless who then use the judge as their mother, the streets as their homes, and the jail as their father.


It is the Democrat party that is the modern day slave plantation and it is imperative that blacks leave that plantation. Complete, for it worked to destroy them.